[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.13.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Fri Jul 19 02:24:17 UTC 2019

The first RC for libinput 1.14 is now available.

We have new and improved thumb detection for touchpads, thanks to Matt
Mayfield. On Clickpad devices this should make interactions where a thumb is
resting on the touchpad or dropped during an interaction more reliable. A
summary of the changes can be found here:

The Dell Canvas Totem is now supported by libinput. It is exposed as a new
tool type through the tablet interface along with two new axes. Note that
this is only low-level support, the actual integration of the totem needs
Wayland protocol changes and significant changes in all applications that
want to make use of it. A summary of the changes can be found here:

Touch-capable tablets now tie both devices together for rotation. If you set
the tablet to left-handed, the touchpad will be rotated along with the
tablet. Note that this does not affect the left-handed-ness of the touchpad,
merely the rotation. 

Tablet proximity out handling for tablets that are unreliably sending
proximity out events is now always timeout-based. It is no longer necessary
to add per-device quirks to enable this feature and it is completely
transparent on devices that work correctly anyway. A summar of the
changes can be found here:

Tablets that send duplicate tools (BTN_TOOL_PEN and BTN_TOOL_ERASER) now
ignore the latter. This is an intermediate fix only but at least makes those
tablets more usable than they are now. Issue #259 is the tracker for this
particular behaviour if you are affected by it.

The handling of kernel fuzz has been slightly improved. Where our udev rule
fails to reset the fuzz on the kernel device, we disable the hysteresis and
rely on the kernel now to handle it. Previously our hysteresis would take
effect on top of the kernel's, causing nonresponsive behaviour.

Note to distribitors: the python-evdev dependency has been dropped, the
tools that used it are now using python-libevdev instead.

And of course a random assortment of fixes, improvements, etc. Many thanks
to all contributors and testers.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Alex Flowers (1):
      quirks: add a quirk for the Lenovo X1 Yoga 1st gen

Benjamin Tissoires (8):
      CI: remove the bootstrapping stage
      CI: heavily rework the container creation
      CI: clean up all but the correct tag
      CI: use the template for fedora
      CI: use templates for Arch
      CI: use templates for Ubuntu
      CI: do not rebuild the image for regular MR or pushes
      CI: simplify the logic for rebuilding the containers

Ian Douglas Scott (1):
      Enable ModelTabletNoProximityOut quirk on HP Spectre 13-ap0xxx

Jason Gerecke (3):
      fallback: Fix ubsan runtime error
      test: Clean up memory leaks
      test: abort when no default value is available for an axis

Lubomir Rintel (1):
      quirks: speed up the TrackPoint on the IBM USB UltraNav keyboard a bit

Matt Mayfield (7):
      touchpad: basic thumb detection within gestures
      gestures: improve scroll responsiveness for vertically aligned touches
      gestures: improvements to pinch detection
      gestures: Improve thumb detection, allow one finger scroll
      touchpad: revamp thumb detection
      touchpad: don't detect speed-based thumbs if there's already a thumb
      touchpad: stricter thumb detection if no pressure/size

Michael Forney (6):
      Remove semicolons after function definitions
      Avoid unnecessary VLAs
      Avoid case ranges in switch statement
      Use bitwise test instead of __builtin_popcount
      Don't return expression in function returning void
      Replace one more __builtin_popcount with bitwise test

Peter Hutterer (152):
      meson.build: add the toshiba quirks file to the file list
      quirks: add a test to make sure all our quirks files are listed in meson
      tools: record: increase value size to 6 digits
      tools: switch measure-fuzz to use python-libevdev
      tools: switch measure-touch-size to python-libevdev
      tools: switch measure-touchpad-pressure to python-libevdev
      tools: switch measure-touchpad-tap to python-libevdev
      meson.build: bump to 1.13.900
      test: drop some unnecessary extern declarations
      doc/api: add since tags to all functions after 1.0
      doc/api: minor style changes
      tablet: move the current tool bits into a substruct
      tablet: log a bug when a tablet switches between tools directly
      tablet: always enable the proximity out quirk
      tablet: add missing linebreak after error message
      tablet: fix some code alignment
      tools: use American spelling for 'unrecognized'
      tools: fix waiting for the tool to quit in the options test
      test: actually filter events when writing to udev
      test: filter BTN_TOOL_PEN correctly for the mouse tool tests
      test: fix the hid4800 device's prox out serial number
      test: reduce some touch sequences to avoid tablet timeouts
      tablet: tighten the test for tablet button releases on proximity out
      tablet: add a debugging message when we force a proximity out
      test: add proximity timeout delay to a tablet test
      tablet: move tablet tool change processing to tablet_flush
      test: use identifiable shortnames for the Intuos5 devices
      touchpad: rotate the touch part of tablets
      test: update valgrind suppressions for a glib leak
      CI: switch from Fedora 28 to Fedora 30
      CI: update Ubuntu from 18.04 to 19.04
      Revert "Reduce button scroll timeout to 38ms"
      tools: we don't need a core file for failed option parser tests
      meson: group all tests under suite names
      tools: drop the valgrind check in the option-parsing test
      test: replace the USING_VALGRIND env with the valgrind.h header
      test: return 77 for skip when we're not running a test
      test: skip the backtrace under valgrind
      CI: use meson test instead of ninja test
      test: drop the SKIP_LIBINPUT_TEST_RUNNER environment variable
      test: fix a bunch of tests expecting BTN_TOOL_TRIPLETAP
      test: fix the wacom bamboo touch device
      tablet: indentation fix
      tablet: add an extra debug message
      touchpad: don't check libwacom if we're not tagged as tablet touchpad
      touchpad: fix two debug messages to have the same prefix as the rest
      test: make the test case failure output easier to select
      fallback: make a debug log prefix more consistent
      test: assign ID_INPUT_TABLET to the bamboo/intuos5 touchpad parts
      test: fix a typo in the test device name
      tablet: don't disable the proximity quirk on good sequences
      tools: add --apply-to to debug-events and debug-gui
      tablet: lock the tablet rotation to the touchpad rotation
      touchpad: lock the touchpad rotation to the tablet rotation
      test: add test cases for tablet/touchpad left-handed rotation locks
      test: split a test up into events vs processing
      test: always set CK_FORK=no under valgrind
      test: make all tap tests use the "tap" group prefix
      test: allow for a LITEST_JOBS environment variable
      Abstract libwacom database initialization into a single place
      test: don't treat a signal exit as success
      gitlab CI: switch F29 special builds to F30
      quirks: handle ID_INPUT_KEY as udev keyboard match
      test: add a missing blank line
      quirks: add trackpoint integration attribute
      Warn if NDEBUG is defined
      test: drop two unreachable statements
      doc/api: more CSS styling
      test: force the litest feature enum to be 8 bytes or more
      tablet: add a the Totem tool type to the tablet interface
      Add a new dispatch interface for the Dell Canvas Totem
      udev: only change the fuzz on touchpads and touchscreens
      test: fix an intermitted failing test
      test: abort if our device didn't initialize
      path: drop the separate header, not necessary
      udev: don't init the quirks until we checked all arguments
      path: factor out the seat creation into a helper function
      path: initialize the quirks context after error checking
      path: add helper function to destroy a device
      test: add the 24HDT pad to the custom device group
      test: swap a few litest_assert() calls for their more precise cousins
      test: remove a duplicate check
      tools: display tablet and tablet pad buttons when pressed
      tools: handle pad strip/ring events in the debug-gui
      tools: describe the various debug-gui features in the man page
      test: replace the double assert macros with proper checks
      test: adjust the relative pointer motion test for low-dpi devices
      test: remove invalid GOTO in udev rule
      test: auto-generate the udev rules
      test: only write one single rules file for our device quirks
      test: don't make timer offset errors fatal in gdb
      tablet: fix double proximity out on slow proximity out pens
      quirk: drop the ModelTabletNoTilt quirk
      tablet: disable the forced proximity out for the Dell Canvas pen
      touchpad: slightly change a debug message
      test: rename/fix/move thumb tests
      test: fix the clickfinger thumb test
      test: add another test for thumb movements
      test: remove two spurious SYN_REPORTs
      test: don't go into the thumb area for the 3fg clickfinger distance check
      test: don't form a pinch gesture for the clickfinger distance test
      test: fix initial coordinates for synaptics tripletap quirk
      test: replace a touch move with a timeout
      test: change touchpad 2fg no-motion test to move both fingers simultaneously
      test: move the fingers closer together for the empty-slot test
      test: fix button area scroll test to not be a pinch
      test: use an enum for the cardinals
      test: fix the slot swap test
      test: avoid a pointer jump when testing for the slot continuation
      test: fix the slot swap test again
      doc: note that libinput measure is a separate package
      tools: improve the error messages for measure touch-size/touchpad-pressure
      Revert "udev: only change the fuzz on touchpads and touchscreens"
      udev: rename libinput-model-quirks rules to libinput-fuzz-override.rules
      udev: only change the fuzz on touchpads and touchscreens (v2)
      tools: skip debug-gui option testing if the debug-gui is disabled
      If we never initialized the libwacom database, don't check the refcount
      evdev: only extract the fuzz for touchpads and touchscreens
      test: disable coredumps for the selftest
      meson: increase the test time for the selftest suite
      tools: return 77 if gtk_init() fails in the debug-gui
      meson: force litest to use the right udev rules
      evdev: when the kernel fuzz is nonzero, set ours to zero
      quirks: rename the cyapa quirks file to cypress
      quirks: add touchpad range for cypress touchpads
      test: one O_NONBLOCK is enough
      test: drop the litest feature enum, make it normal bits instead
      test: fix two coverity warnings
      test: fix an always-true check for udev properties
      meson.build: move the leftover udev rule check up
      test: use the default job control for --filter-groups
      meson: run the test suite per group
      doc/user: fix a typo
      touchpad: reduce state debugging output by only logging changed states
      touchpad: rename the scroll timeout define, drop the pinch one
      touchpad: add a helper function for checking thumb state
      touchpad: add a helper function for counting touches for gestures
      touchpad: move tp_init_thumb and tp_thumb_detect to the thumb file
      touchpad: add helper function for setting the thumb state
      touchpad: explicitly start with detect_thumbs as false
      touchpad: add helper function to reset a thumb's state
      touchpad: move the speed-thumb detection code to the thumb helper file
      touchpad: extract some bits of thumb detection into helper functions
      touchpad: rename the thumb detection methods
      gestures: fast-track scroll/swipe detection when gestures are off
      touchpad: add a helper function for supressing a thumb
      touchpad: only log edge scroll state changes when the state actually changes
      test: only run the speed tests for clickpads
      test: only run the speed finger tests when the touchpad has thumb detection
      test: make the touchpad size the only check for thumb detection
      doc/user: add documentation for the new thumb detection
      libinput 1.13.901

René Genz (1):
      doc/user: fix some typos

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (3):
      quirks: add a new Apple vendor ID for Bluetooth devices
      evdev-mt-touchpad-buttons: use a model quirk instead of vendor ID to identify Apple devices
      CI: update arch package list

Tobias Stoeckmann (1):
      Removed whitespace from filename.

Vladyslav Shtabovenko (1):
      Introduce Dell Latitude 5480 trackpoint multiplier. Otherwise the

Zach Moazeni (1):
      Better Thinkpad T480 trackpoint multiplier

pixl (1):
      Fixed a grammar error

timrichardson (1):
      X230 trackpoint quirk

git tag: 1.13.901

MD5:  0bd89573c63770082332878e903d80dc  libinput-1.13.901.tar.xz
SHA1: 957d1ce35fb4e7c9bca0fc5f7da9fef76c0006e8  libinput-1.13.901.tar.xz
SHA256: f4e8b77a5d25000d5b2621267050134e7297485126bab26e743232554a994a96  libinput-1.13.901.tar.xz
SHA512: 3bd391c971b6cd00a8d3d087107bb4aa15213051343ef57cc373f6a2e1dfe2bbd00c862e77defec7c5dd2f363ac44e83a4a62c72fbdaedd3b1fa0ba7c9af5d98  libinput-1.13.901.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.13.901.tar.xz.sig

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