[ANNOUNCE] weston 6.0.91

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Fri Jul 19 16:31:47 UTC 2019

This is the alpha release for weston 7.0.  A lot of new features and
fixes are shipped in this release, including:

- New internal debug scopes and logging framework
- Improved documentation
- HDCP support
- A new PipeWire plugin

Thanks to all contributors!

We've moved to Meson as our only build system, autotools support has
been removed.  Package maintainers: please report any issues you have
with Meson before the stable release.

Full commit history below.

- (2):
      zunitc: Fix undeclared identifier 'NULL'
      desktop-shell: Click top left and align clock

Alexandros Frantzis (1):
      clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: Properly check for error in gbm_bo_get_handle_for_plane

Ankit Nautiyal (7):
      libweston: Add support to set content-protection for a weston_output
      libweston: Compute current protection for weston_output and weston_head
      libweston: Add support to set content-protection for a weston_surface
      libweston: Add content-protection protocol implementation
      libweston: Notify client for change in content-protection status
      compositor: Enable HDCP for an output using weston.ini
      clients: Add content-protection client app

Antonio Borneo (4):
      clients: close unused keymap fd
      log: remove "%m" from format strings by using strerror(errno)
      Fix build-time warning with meson 0.50.1
      backend-drm: fix race during system suspend

Benjamin Tissoires (1):
      CI: containerize the CI

Daniel Stone (28):
      compositor: Don't ignore --use-pixman for Wayland backend
      dbus: Don't return value from void function
      timespec: Don't return value from void function
      weston: Properly test for output-creation failure
      build: Suppress 'pedantic' GCC warnings
      Default build to warning_level=3
      compositor-drm: Only assign planes with atomic
      compositor-drm: Remove legacy plane and vblank usage
      doc: Remove clang-parsing definitions
      pixel-formats: Remove duplicate doc string
      gl-renderer: Convert extension pseudo-bools to real bool
      gl-renderer: Convert remaining pseudo-bools to real bool
      gl-renderer: Don't use swap_buffers_with_damage with fan debug
      gl-renderer: Use helper for conversion to EGL rects
      gl-renderer: Rename border_damage variable
      gl-renderer: Rename buffer_damage variable
      gl-renderer: Demystify output repaint slightly
      gl-renderer: Add EGL_EXT_partial_update query
      gl-renderer: Support EGL_KHR_partial_update
      compositor-drm: Create header for backend internals
      compositor-drm: Pull EDID extraction into helper
      compositor-drm: Move mode handling to separate file
      compositor-drm: Move KMS API use to separate file
      compositor-drm: Move FB handling to a separate file
      compositor-drm: Move state helpers to separate file
      compositor-drm: Split assign_planes() into separate file
      gl-renderer: Account for offset in output region translation
      gl-renderer: Don't leak transformed region

Deepak Rawat (2):
      compositor-drm: Add support for drm plane FB_DAMAGE_CLIPS property
      compositor-drm: Set damage for scanout plane

Fabrice Fontaine (1):
      Fix build with kernel < 4.4

Harish Krupo (8):
      meson.build: Fix warning for configure_file
      window.c: Don't assume registry advertisement order
      data-device: send INVALID_FINISH when operation != dnd
      Fix: clients/window: Premature finish request when copy-pasting
      gitlab-ci: Use gitlab.fdo URL for wayland-protocols
      desktop-shell: Don't re-position views when output_list is empty
      desktop-shell: Re-position views when outputs change
      gl-renderer: Obscure protected content on unprotected display

Héctor Orón Martínez (1):
      support byte-by-byte reproducible build

Kamal Pandey (1):
      FIX: weston: clients: typo in simple-dmabuf-egl.c

Luca Weiss (1):
      Fix incorrect include

Manuel Stoeckl (2):
      man: Update "See also" references for weston.1
      man: Add weston-bindings(7) describing desktop shell shortcuts

Marius Vlad (72):
      compositor: Fix invalid view numbering in scene-graph
      compositor: Fix missing new line when displaying buffer type for EGL buffer
      meson.build/libweston: Fix clang warning for export-dynamic
      weston-launch: Fix warning on error() not being avaiable due to removal of header
      libweston: Remove functions with no implementation/definition
      libweston: Decouple weston_debug_compositor from weston_compositor
      compositor: Convert weston-debug framework to use weston_debug_compositor
      libweston: Rename weston_debug_compositor to weston_log_context
      libweston: Rename weston_debug_scope to weston_log_scope
      libweston: Rename weston_debug_scope_ to weston_log_scope_
      weston-debug: Remove weston_compositor from weston_log_context
      libweston: Add weston-debug header to libweston
      include: Install weston-debug header
      build: libweston doesn't need -export-dynamic
      doc: Move helper scripts to doc/scripts
      build: Add sphinx/breathe support for generating documentation
      README: Add a few words about building weston documentation
      libweston: Fix/clean-up doxygen warnings
      pixel-formats: Fix doxygen warnings about missing format
      clients: Fix/resolved doxygen warnings
      README/CONTRIBUTING: Markdown fixes
      doc/sphinx: Further configure doxygen
      doc/sphinx: Add doxygen aliases for easier rst embedding
      libweston: Define head, output and compositor group
      libweston: Add ingroup tag for weston_output
      libweston: Add ingroup tag for weston_compositor
      doc/sphinx: Add 'weston_compositor', 'weston_output' and 'weston_head' API
      gitlab-ci: Install doxygen/sphinx/breathe and enable building documentation
      gitlab-ci: Enable gitlab page for publishing documentation
      gitlab-ci: Fix pages generation for the documentation
      doc/sphinx: Force sphinx to re-build everything as to avoid stale docs
      doc/sphinx: No need for doxygen custom target
      libweston: Migrate weston_environment_get_fd() to weston-launch header
      libweston: Removed unused tty_* functions
      libweston: Introduce libweston-internal.h
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_compositor'
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_plane'
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_seat'
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on input objects
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_surface'
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_spring'
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_view'
      libweston: Migrate functions that perform various transformations
      libweston: Migrate content_protection from public header
      libweston: Migrate what is left out the libweston public header
      libweston: Introduce backend.h
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_output' into backend header
      libweston: Migrate functions that operate on 'weston_seat'
      weston-debug: Introduce weston_log_subscription and weston_log_subscriber objects
      weston-debug: Convert weston_debug_stream to use the subscriber base class
      weston-debug: Make it easier to separate weston_debug_stream
      weston-debug: Migrate weston_debug_stream to weston_log_wayland file
      weston-log-wayland: Rename weston_debug_stream to weston_log_wayland
      weston-debug: Rename weston-debug to weston-log to better reflect its purpose
      weston-log: Introduce subscribe functionality
      weston-log/weston-log-wayland: Inline private subscription functions
      weston-log: Rename scope's 'begin_cb' callback to 'new_subscriber'
      weston-log-file: Introduce file type of stream
      compositor: Plug-in the file stream
      compositor: Destroy the compositor before the log scope
      compositor: Create the 'log' scope much earlier
      weston-log: Remove weston_log() calls from weston-log
      weston-log-flight-rec: Introduce flight recorder stream
      compositor: Plug-in the flight recorder
      libweston: Put back weston_compositor_add_debug_binding() as public
      compositor: Add debug key-binding to display/dump flight recorder contents
      compositor: Remove from main displaying available log scopes
      libweston: Remove internal weston-log set-up function out of public header
      weston-log: Removed compositor_destroy_listener from the log context
      weston-log: Start adding documentation for the logging/debugging framework
      libweston/log: Add 'wlog' group for weston_log() related functions
      doc/sphinx: Add documentation for the logging/debugging framework

Michael Olbrich (4):
      ivi-layout: use libweston-desktop api is to send configure events everywhere
      ivi-layout: unmap desktop surfaces in ivi_view_destroy()
      gitlab-ci: switch to buster
      Add pipewire plugin

Pekka Paalanen (42):
      build: reopen master for regular development
      meson: link editor with gobject-2.0
      meson: link cms-colord with glib and gobject
      meson: link remoting with glib and gobject
      meson: DRM-backend demands GBM
      meson: dep fix for compositor.h needing xkbcommon.h
      Remove autotools build
      Clean up .gitignore after autotools removal
      tests: fix references to automake
      README: refer to version numbers in meson.build
      build: add missing dep to x11 backend
      libweston: fix protocol install path
      build: remove dir_include
      build: declare separate dependency for compositor.h
      Rename timeline-object.h to libweston/timeline-object.h
      Rename compositor.h to libweston/libweston.h
      Rename public backend headers
      Rename plugin-registry.h to libweston/plugin-registry.h
      Rename windowed-output-api.h to libweston/windowed-output-api.h
      Rename matrix.h to libweston/matrix.h
      Rename config-parser.h to libweston/config-parser.h
      Rename zalloc.h to libweston/zalloc.h
      Rename xwayland-api.h to libweston/xwayland-api.h
      Rename version.h to libweston/version.h
      xwayland: do not include weston.h
      Move libweston-desktop.h
      build: turn vertex-clipping.c into a dependency
      libweston: export weston_linux_sync_file_read_timestamp()
      gl-renderer: does not need matrix.c
      libweston: move gl-renderer into a subdir
      build: make libinput-backend a helper lib
      build: make backlight a helper lib
      tests: build setbacklight
      backend-drm: move into new subdir
      backend-headless: move into new subdir
      backend-rdp: move into new subdir
      backend-wayland: move into new subdir
      backend-x11: move into new subdir
      backend-fbdev: more into new subdir
      contributing: add copy of DCO
      libweston: do not include config-parser.h
      libweston: Move 'struct weston_backend' to the internal backend header

Randy Li (1):
      make error() portable

Riku Viitanen (1):
      Optimize PNGs with zopflipng

Robert Beckett (3):
      backend-drm: handle multiple drm nodes with logind
      libweston: make session_active a bool
      backend-drm: dont emit sesion signal if already at same state

Roman Gilg (1):
      compositor: Support xdg_output_unstable_v1

Scott Anderson (2):
      compositor: Fix incorrect use of bool options
      protocol: Add content-protection protocol

Sebastian Wick (1):
      weston-terminal: Fix weston-terminal crash on mutter

Silva Alejandro Ismael (2):
      compositor: fix segfaults if wl_display_create fails
      build: Fix hint to disable remoting

Simon Ser (2):
      ci: run with werror
      build: bump to version 6.0.91 for the alpha release

Stefan Agner (5):
      backend-rdp: fix memory leak
      backend-rdp: allow to force compression off
      compositor-drm: use DRM constants
      backend-drm: drop gbm.h from c files
      backend-drm: get handle in gbm specific code

Tomohito Esaki (5):
      cairo-util: Don't set title string to Pango layout if the title is NULL
      desktop-shell: unmap a view which was faded out
      compositor-drm: run finish_frame when dpms is turned off in update_complete
      backend-drm: make linear modifier to default
      remoting: make a gstreamer pipeline configurable

random human (1):
      clients/presentation-shm: use xdg_shell instead of wl_shell

git tag: 6.0.91

MD5:  34cfc240d64e0d6665364e8d106f35e1  weston-6.0.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 39f31f6462c22f513bfbc11708775634994c6d87  weston-6.0.91.tar.xz
SHA256: b13810b59ffb04cabbe513766b88df24e95982745d200dd530368f973f43f56a  weston-6.0.91.tar.xz
SHA512: 2e9f2050873ef8c57d39093a909bc0632d164138b9e0cc91f359b1a55a43c9480e10637f7990929330fd107609a89a2316a5537b9d693c83848f8fde14311a8e  weston-6.0.91.tar.xz
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-6.0.91.tar.xz.sig

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