Multiple touchscreen environment with Weston

Theo BUENO theo.bueno at
Mon Jun 17 14:45:16 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I am (relatively) new Weston user working with industrial embedded Linux systems. I am seeking for advice regarding a Weston use case.

I have been trying to understand how would one map touchscreens to unique displays on a system which has several touchscreen displays.
It is my understanding that prior to Weston 1.7, it could be done via the WL_OUTPUT udev variable for each touchscreen.

Now with more recent versions of Weston, by reading through documentation and code, it is also my understanding that such a use case is addressed via logical seats (WL_SEAT) or through physical seats (ID_SEATS) on a multi-compositor/GPU design.

Problem is, on the embedded platform I am working on (NXP i.MX6), there can only be one compositor instance bound to the GPU driving multiple displays. With DRM support, I believe assigning a "seat" option to each "output" entry in weston configuration is enough to constrain each touchscreen to their respective displays. Unfortunately, on i.MX6 there is no DRM support with proprietary drivers. The only available backend is fbdev, which after code review does not seem to allow for multiple seat configuration on the same weston instance.

Am I correct to assume that my only option from here is either to:
1) Bring multi-seat support to fbdev backend
2) Move to free drivers with DRM support

Have I missed something / Are my assumptions correct ?

Many thanks and best regards,
Théo Bueno.
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