wayland-protocols scope and governance

Victor Berger victor.berger at m4x.org
Mon Mar 11 20:12:14 UTC 2019


As the maintainer of wayland-rs, Smithay's Client Toolkit and of the
part of Smithay that deal with the Wayland protocol (all three projects
can be found on the the Github Smithay org: https://github.com/Smithay
), I feel especially concerned by this question:

On 2/21/19 6:11 PM, Jonas Ã…dahl wrote:
> There is also the question about what model of contribution and
> discussion we should use. Do we rely on merge requests, keeping
> discussions there, or do we stay on the mailing list using
> git-send-email?
> IMHO we should choose one or the other, not some combination where
> Gitlab sends E-mails to the mailing list for merge requests, as this
> would mean we'd end up with multiple diverging versions of the same
> discussion thread.

These projects I maintain are side-projects, and while I feel very
invested in them, my mental and temporal bandwidth is still limited.
This is particularly the case given how small the intersection of people
working on both Wayland and Rust is. Regarding that, the wayland-devel
mailing list has some important traffic (I understand the migration to
Gitlab could help with that though?) that requires filtering.

All this to say: I'd really appreciate if the discussions regarding
wayland-protocols specifically could be done in a medium to which it
would be possible to subscribe independently from weston/libwayland. Be
it a gitlab repo or a dedicated mailing-list, I don't really care as
long as I can filter them automatically into different folders of my
mail client.

Now, I fully understand that Smithay is still a pretty small project
with little to no influence, and my lack of participation in any recent
discussions on this mailing does no help with that, so I guess I'm not
legitimate at making any requests of this kind. Please just take this as
an attempt at constructive feedback. :)

I'll see to take some time to carefully read the rest of this thread and
make any relevant contribution I can.


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