wayland-protocols scope and governance

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 09:55:36 UTC 2019

On Mon, 11 Mar 2019 21:12:14 +0100
Victor Berger <victor.berger at m4x.org> wrote:

> All this to say: I'd really appreciate if the discussions regarding
> wayland-protocols specifically could be done in a medium to which it
> would be possible to subscribe independently from weston/libwayland. Be
> it a gitlab repo or a dedicated mailing-list, I don't really care as
> long as I can filter them automatically into different folders of my
> mail client.

Hi Victor,

now that we have turned merge requests on for libwayland, I think we
have pretty much reached the state you wish for.

When wayland-protocols gets its gitlab.fd.o repository, I expect most
of protocol development to happen there, leaving the wayland-devel@
mailing list essentially for announcements and questions.

Would that be good for you? You probably need to set up your filters to
look at some additional headers.

Oh, and libinput. I guess libinput has moved to Gitlab merge requests
too, at least they have it enabled. Libinput might still use
wayland-devel@ for annoucements and questions.

> Now, I fully understand that Smithay is still a pretty small project
> with little to no influence, and my lack of participation in any recent
> discussions on this mailing does no help with that, so I guess I'm not
> legitimate at making any requests of this kind. Please just take this as
> an attempt at constructive feedback. :)
> I'll see to take some time to carefully read the rest of this thread and
> make any relevant contribution I can.

One has to start somewhere, you are welcome. :-)

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