how to implement animation in wayland since window move request is not supported?

Barry Song 21cnbao at
Sun May 5 21:17:07 UTC 2019

It seems wayland doesn't support the move() and setGeometry() from
clients. No any message is sent from Qt to weston for qWidget.move()
or qDialog.move(). So weston has no any idea that clients are
requesting to move a window.
Under this condition, how could people implement animation of a window?

Right now, a software uses a timer to move window, in the callback of
the timer,  the window is moved a little and the timer is fired again.
So the window can move and move, which is generating an animation.
This works well in non-wayland platforms. But the move() codes seems
to have no any impact under wayland.

So do we have some alternative way to implement the animation of a window?


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