how to implement animation in wayland since window move request is not supported?

Simon Ser contact at
Sun May 5 21:53:58 UTC 2019


On Monday, May 6, 2019 12:17 AM, Barry Song <21cnbao at> wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems wayland doesn't support the move() and setGeometry() from
> clients. No any message is sent from Qt to weston for qWidget.move()
> or qDialog.move(). So weston has no any idea that clients are
> requesting to move a window.
> Under this condition, how could people implement animation of a window?
> Right now, a software uses a timer to move window, in the callback of
> the timer, the window is moved a little and the timer is fired again.
> So the window can move and move, which is generating an animation.
> This works well in non-wayland platforms. But the move() codes seems
> to have no any impact under wayland.
> So do we have some alternative way to implement the animation of a window?

This has been intentionally left out.

Could you explain exactly what is your use-case? What kind of
application are you working on, what does this dialog contain, what you
want to do?


Simon Ser

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