Composition failing for dual monitor setup after upgrading Fedora

Iván Zaera Avellón izaera at
Mon May 13 11:26:17 UTC 2019

Hi community:

I'm new to the list and have come here because someone referenced me the list
from the Ask Fedora forum.

The reason I'm asking is because I have recently updated to Fedora 30 and the
wayland session is intermittently broken for my setup while the xorg one works

I thought maybe someone in this list could give me some hints on how to help
diagnosing the problem and, in case it is a bug, report it or help to fix it.

This is the original question in the Fedora forum ->
but I'll write a summary here too:

I have just updated to F30 from F29 and my gnome wayland session does not work
any more when a second monitor is attached to my 
HDMI port. The problem is that the laptop monitor shows garbage and only the
attached one works fine.
If I unplug the monitor it usually recovers from the condition. If I use xorg
everything goes fine.
I’m using a MacBook Pro with an “Intel Corporation Crystal Well Integrated
Graphics Controller (rev 08)” VGA card. The laptop's monitor is a Retina and the
external monitor is not, though the external one is physically bigger.

Also, playing with resolutions and scale factors, the problem seems to disappear
for some configurations but unfortunately they are not usable configurations
because displays are too mismatched in sizes (from that of the real world) which
makes window sizes unusable (because of being too big or too small).

Any ideas or hints on how to begin the investigation?

Thanks ☺.
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