can subsurface and shell surface be used together to manage surfaces

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Mon Apr 27 07:07:20 UTC 2020

Hi pekka

> >>Another compositor? Do you mean another client?
    Another compositor means compositor such as HWC or netsed compositor.

> >>What are you trying to do?
> >>Do you have some sort of middle-man compositor as a third player here?
> >>I don't understand at all.

I read some documents about chrome OS run Android Apks such as
 As far as I known, chrominum could run upon wayland,  I just wondering how
it handle Android windows on wayland.
I think the surface of Android apks could be wayland surface in linux, the
window could be the shell surface.
 Since all the android apks are still running on android container, android
window manager will manage these windows, in wayland, the relationship of
these surfaces should be parent-       subsurface that map to android
windows. That's a little of problem, as you are confirmed, one wl surface
can't be both subsurface and shell surface.
If each android apks are not subsurfaces, I am confused how Android to
handle the input events from wayland.

Thank you!

Best Regards
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