can subsurface and shell surface be used together to manage surfaces

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> I read some documents about chrome OS run Android Apks such as
>  As far as I known, chrominum could run upon wayland,  I just wondering how
> it handle Android windows on wayland.
> I think the surface of Android apks could be wayland surface in linux, the
> window could be the shell surface.
>  Since all the android apks are still running on android container, android
> window manager will manage these windows, in wayland, the relationship of
> these surfaces should be parent-       subsurface that map to android
> windows. That's a little of problem, as you are confirmed, one wl surface
> can't be both subsurface and shell surface.
> If each android apks are not subsurfaces, I am confused how Android to
> handle the input events from wayland.


you'll have to ask or wait for someone who knows ARC++ to answer. I
don't dare extrapolate details based on that one simple PDF alone.

Android window management is very different from desktop window
management, and I don't even know if CrOS window management is close
to either. Using custom Wayland extensions is always a possibility, it
happens even on the desktops, e.g. GNOME/GTK.

Look at the slide titled "Chromium Wayland Interfaces", for instance.

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