Alan Griffiths alan.griffiths at
Wed Jan 8 10:11:40 UTC 2020

On 08/01/2020 10:01, Jonas Ådahl wrote:
> This idea has more or less been abandoned however, so I'd say it's more
> likely we can "archive" it rather than marking it as stable, as there
> are as far as I know no real users of it.

Thanks for that

> For kiosk mode, you still probably want to use xdg-shell, as it's not
> unlikely the kiosk application still wants to use things like popup
> surfaces for drop down menus etc. Your compositor can, when in kiosk
> mode, for example only allow one client, with only a single toplevel,
> that is always configured as fullscreen.

Yes, we do that already. I was looking for an approach that also allows
the app to configure, for example, the screen resolution.


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