weston-info as a standalone utility

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 08:32:56 UTC 2020

Hi all,

A long time ago [1], I suggested that we move weston-info out of the
Weston source tree because this is a very useful tool which gives
important information about any Wayland compositor, not just Weston.

The general consensus was it was a good idea, unfortunately other more
important things happened, people (including me) eventually forgot
about that and it never actually came to fruition…

But the need remains, I think we should have a compositor agnostic
tool that gives the general information about the running compositor.
And we should not need to install Weston for that alone.

So I took the liberty to uproot weston-info, rename it as wayland-info
and put it on its own repo:


As you can see, I took great care to preserve the git history of
weston-info in the process.

In the meantime, Peter has already submitted patches to wayland-info
(thanks Peter!) so the tip of wayland-info is different from
weston-info (basically, we have diverged already).

Eventually, if nobody has objections, we could move that repo to the
wayland domain…


[1] https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/wayland-devel/2016-April/027868.html

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