[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.15.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Jul 15 01:59:22 UTC 2020

libinput 1.16 RC1 is now available.

This has been a long cycle, mostly because there weren't any huge changes on
the main development branch and a lot of the minor annoyances have found
their way into the 1.15.x releases anyway. I expect at least one or two
more RCs, there are some MRs that look promising and they may just find
their way into 1.16.

libinput now monitors timestamps of the events vs the current time when
libinput_dispatch() is called by the compositor. Where the difference
*may* result in issues, a (rate-limited) warning is printed to the log.
So you may see messages popping up in the form of
  "event processing lagging behind by XYZms, your system is too slow"
This is a warning only and has no immediate effect. Previously we would only
notice (and warn about) this when it affected an internal timer.

The wheel tilt axis source was deprecated. No device ever had the required
udev properties set so we should stop pretending we support this.

Touchpads now support the "flat" acceleration profile.

Unreliable lid or tablet-mode switches are now filtered by libinput, i.e. if
libinput knows the device is unreliable, no switch event is passed to the
caller. This prevents callers from receiving those known-bogus events and
having to replicate the same heuristics that libinput employs.

A new "libinput analyze" debugging tool is the entry tool for analysing
various aspects of devices. Right now the only tool is
"libinput analyze per-slot-delta" which can be used to detect pointer jumps
in a libiput record output. This tool used to live elsewhere, it was moved
to libinput so that reporters can easier run this tool, reducing the load on
the maintainers.

The tools have seen a few minor improvements, e.g.
- "libinput record touchpad.yml" does the right thing, no explicit --output
  argument required
- libinput measure touchpad-pressure has been revamped to be a bit more
- libinput measure touchpad-size has been added (as replacement for the
  touchpad-edge-detector tool)
- libinput measure fuzz has been fixed to work (again and) slightly more

The libinput test suite has been fixed to avoid interference with the
currently running session. Previously it was virtually impossible to work
while the test suite is running - multiple windows would pop up, the screen
would blank regularly, etc.

And of course a collection of fixes, quirks and new bugs.

As usual, see the git shortlog for details.

Benjamin Tissoires (4):
      ci: use latest templates, and API
      ci: use the ci fairy to delete unwanted tags
      ci: use ci-fairy to generate the template, not a custom script
      ci: move the ci template to the expected file for ci-fairy

Evan Goode (1):
      Allow the flat acceleration profile for touchpads

Hans de Goede (1):
      quirks: Add HP stream x360 11 ModelTabletModeNoSuspend keyboard quirk

John Rodriguez (1):
      Add quirks file for Sony Vaio Laptop

Loïc Yhuel (1):
      quirks: correctly print boolean values

Martin Cihlář (1):
      add trust mouse quirk #455

Matt Mayfield (1):
      touchpad: restore thumb detection while keeping fixes from !292

Peter Hutterer (90):
      tools: record: fix dmi recording
      tools: fix a typo in a man page
      tools: add a libinput analyze command with the per-slot-delta subcommand
      gitlab: revamp the bug template a bit
      tools: record: allow for an output file without --o
      tools: record: use the right exit code when the output file is missing
      tools: switch tool option parsing test to use pytest
      man: install the analyze per-slot-delta man page
      tools: if pytest fails to import, skip the tool option parsing test
      tools: record: drop quotes from os-release information
      doc/api: remove invalid doxygen option
      pad: fix a compiler warning
      touchpad: ratelimit the touch jump tests
      doc: update the jumping cursor docs
      evdev: print a human time for ratelimit tests
      util: fix a scan-build warning (value set but not read)
      test: fix a scan-build warning (value set but not read)
      meson.build: bump to 1.15.900
      gitlab issue templates: remove the checkmarks
      gitlab CI: update the various build tests to F32
      gitlab CI: switch the 'needs' tags to a dashed list
      gitlab CI: invert the ci-templates check
      gitlab CI: autogenerate the qemu tests for the last version of a distribution
      gitlab CI: generate the jobs for the custom builds from the config.yaml
      doc/user: add a mini-blurb for the new libinput analyze tool
      completion: add libinput analyze to zsh completions
      tools: add libinput analyze to the libinput tool help output
      udev: don't use IMPORT+=
      Fix race condition causing duplicate devices in udev seats
      tools: revamp the touchpad-pressure measuring tool
      tools: make the thumb threshold configurable while measuring pressure
      tools: add a measure touchpad-size tool
      tablet: use the AttrPressureRange quirk for tablets too
      util: make the trace macro actually useful
      tools: per-slot-delta: only render the slots that have been seen
      tools: per-slot-delta: print the BTN_TOUCH etc. bits in-line
      tools: per-slot-delta: move printing the slot data into a helper function
      tools: per-slot-delta: init the slots with the right index
      tools: per-slot-delta: add arguments to set a threshold and ignore-below
      tools: per-slot-delta: always mark slot 0 as used
      tools: per-slot-delta: drop an unused variable
      gitlab ci: fix a templating whitespace issue
      tools: per-slot-delta: skip the extra evbit indirection
      gitlab CI: Ubuntu 19.04 is EOL, drop it
      tools: measure-fuzz: handle a None return correctly
      tools: measure-fuzz: run systemd-hwdb update, not udevadm hwdb
      tools: measure-fuzz: fix the tool to work again
      tools: measure-fuzz: sleep for 2 seconds to give the hwdb time
      touchpad: correct a comment regarding the touchpad integration
      test: fix the lookup for the timer offset warnings
      evdev: warn if our event processing lags by 10ms or more
      quirks: mark the 0x233 razer keyboard as internal
      Deprecate wheel tilt as separate axis source
      Revert "tablet: don't disable the proximity quirk on good sequences"
      tablet: handle a valid prox-out sequence after a forced proximity out
      test: add a test for disabling the forced prox out
      tools: replay: allow for missing quirks entry in libinput recordings
      tablet: add support for sendevents on tablets
      Ignore key repeat in all backends
      gitlab CI: alpine needs pip explicitly installed now
      touchpad: add touch state debugging to the palm and tap state debug logs
      test: move the check for edge palms on devices to litest proper
      touchpad: correct the tap state transitions for a palm on TOUCH_BEGIN
      fallback: add missing curly braces to match the coding style
      evdev: a device without any seat caps is an unhandled device
      test: fix a bunch of checks for a given switch
      evdev: filter unreliable tablet mode switch events
      tools: per-slot-delta: construct the right InputEvent
      tools: per-slot-delta: if a NONE touch gets data, assume it's starting
      gitlab CI: use ci-fairy for commit message checks
      gitlab CI: check merge requests for the allow collaboration checkbox
      utils: add strstartswith() and strendswith() utility functions
      Replace strneq() with strstartswith() for variable prefixes
      meson.build: use install_subdir() to install the quirks files
      doc: don't ship the .doctree files with the documentation
      gitlab CI: move the MR check to the deploy stage
      meson.build: don't install the quirks in a further 'quirks' subdirectory
      tools: change the error message for missing tools
      gitlab CI: drop custom scheduled handling, set FDO_FORCE_REBUILD instead
      gitlab CI: hook up coverity
      tools: when running the test suite, start the debug-gui minimized
      test: inhibit shutdown and suspend while the tests are running
      test: use context creation helper in the log tests
      test: use litest_destroy_context() for test-suite contexts
      test: store the list of open file descriptors in the litest context
      test: grab the device before any lid or tablet mode switches
      tools: add missing linebreak in error message
      test: fix the ABS_Y handling for the Protocol A test device
      test: rename the identifier in the 50-litest.conf
      libinput 1.15.901

Ryo Munakata (1):
      Add quirk for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (1st Gen)

Troels Blicher Petersen (1):
      Lenovo X201 Tablet: Added bezel buttons support in tablet mode

Yariv Barkan (1):
      quirks: fix Apple external trackpad v2 thresholds

git tag: 1.15.901

MD5:  6f5a8c6b6392cc603c1494f6c9dc086d  libinput-1.15.901.tar.xz
SHA1: b3d88b8b23ec51e64ed458730f9c84bcb06bb9c6  libinput-1.15.901.tar.xz
SHA256: 020868d6dab6d849b33c17c3b08a99902d5e5f580dc2a065b2b395b7160c31c7  libinput-1.15.901.tar.xz
SHA512: 0273e15d54ef0cec730fb7e4e1d7c2223e59f617068dc2fed7ebceba933c055d5f4aef27917c4646f56915ebccf26b31c8174bc56da7360da1164920ea6a6f6a  libinput-1.15.901.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.15.901.tar.xz.sig

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