Wayland Direct Framebuffer (FreeBSD)

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at outstep.com
Sun Jul 19 23:55:01 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I am working on a speciality project for a super ultra-thin distro that
will basically run just a single graphical application in a type of Kiosk
(fullscreen) mode and Xorg is just WAY too large for what I want to do.

I am using FreeBSD and have started to look heavily into Direct Framebuffer
(DRM) approaches.
With that in mind, I have just learned that Waylan may support Direct
Framebuffers and wanted to find out more about this if possible.

The application that I will be using on the OS is just an RDP (or VNC)
client and really nothing more.

My questions are if Wayland can render to the Framebuffer and also how
large of a footprint are we talking about?

I started investigating DirectFB which can be loaded and am guessing that
Wayland (if it supports FB) would be loaded on top.

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
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