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Jan Bruns code at
Fri Sep 11 18:33:14 UTC 2020

Pekka Paalanen wrote:
 > Jan Bruns <code at> wrote:
 >> Ok. I now have an even earlier point of missing knowledge than I 
 >> Why does the generated version of wayland-client-protocol.h reference a
 >> server object called "wl_registry_interface"?
 > These interface structures are used both server and client side. The
 > core of libwayland needs to know the message signatures for it to be
 > able to marshall them. As we want people to be able to use
 > new extensions (XML files) without needing to rebuild libwayland to
 > match, the signatures must be provided to libwayland.

I see. Probably an implementation detail a beginner like me shouldn't 
focus on too much.

I've just stumbled upon a more serious question:

registry.bind() doesn't have a version parameter, and also 

Doesn't this mean that an App that doesn't know the latest version of an 
interface cannot use libwayland anymore?

How to tell libwayland to not attempt to call nonexisting callbacks?


Jan Bruns

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