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Jan Bruns code at
Sat Sep 12 11:21:20 UTC 2020

Jan Bruns wrote:
 > I've just stumbled upon a more serious question:
 > registry.bind() doesn't have a version parameter, and also 
 > Doesn't this mean that an App that doesn't know the latest version of 
an interface cannot use libwayland anymore?
 > How to tell libwayland to not attempt to call nonexisting callbacks?

Well, libwayland of course has some work around this issue (there's a 
versioned mashalling function that should apply the version to the 
new-id arg).

But it doesn't make much use of this on it's own...

After failing to identify a make-target suitable for compiling 
scanner.c, and spending an hour or so on a failed try to find a manual 
cmd-line for debian's pimary C-compiler to do that, I didn't find the 
time to investigate about this strange auto-generated code inconsistency:

wl_display_get_registry(struct wl_display *wl_display)
{  // no interface in parameter list
    wl_proxy_marshal_constructor(); // not versioned

wl_registry_bind(struct wl_registry *wl_registry, uint32_t name, const 
struct wl_interface *interface, uint32_t version)
{ // with interface in parameter list
   wl_proxy_marshal_constructor_versioned(name, interface->name, 
version); // passes a 3rd (ignored?) wire argument

wl_compositor_create_surface(struct wl_compositor *wl_compositor)
{ // no interface in parameter list
   wl_proxy_marshal_constructor(); // not versioned

To me this looks like the generated C code would frequently make use of 
unspecified interface versions, so that distro-maintainers would have to 
intensively take care about the exact version in use for any single app 
that makes use of libwayland-client, if he'd like to avoid random 
app-shutdowns due to calls to random pointers (and/or compilation 
errors) in addition to upstreaming recompiled versions for any such app.

Maybe I've just missed to use some cmd-line switch for wayland-scanner, 
but the headers I found in /usr/include of my debian machine also show 
exctly this inconsistency.


Jan Bruns

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