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Jan Bruns code at
Sat Sep 12 13:24:24 UTC 2020

Simon Ser:
 > Hi,

 > wl_display version is hardcoded to 1, because the client retrieves it
 > before version negociation can happen.

 > wl_registry_bind lets the client specify the version they want to bind
 > to.

 > wl_surface inherits its version from wl_compositor.

Yes, that's what happens for unspecified versions.

 > For more info:

Great. They probably managed to avoid the big bang somehow.

 >> To me this looks like the generated C code would frequently make use of
 >> unspecified interface versions, so that distro-maintainers would have to
 >> intensively take care about the exact version in use for any single app
 >> that makes use of libwayland-client, if he'd like to avoid random
 >> app-shutdowns due to calls to random pointers (and/or compilation
 >> errors) in addition to upstreaming recompiled versions for any such app.

 > I don't know if it's just me, but your e-mails sound like rants and
 > aren't making it very appealing for people to reply to. I think Pekka
 > is being very patient and helpful here, and I'd appreciate if you could
 > phrase your emails slightly differently. It's completely normal to
 > not understand everything when you're getting to know something new.
 > Thanks.

No need to count users with such impression, given such impressions can 
be driven by incorrect assumptions.

For example, it's in no way my job to make an wl-talking app given a 
contraint about programming language to use.

I just do not have much preference about wether or not to include 
wl-support in future apps I probably won't write.

Isn't a collection of common pitfalls exactly what people working on 
making wl better need? It's always difficult to identify why other 
people's workflow is diffrent from your own.

What I can tell about wl now is that I haven't yet identified lines of 
text or code about it, that might probably be of not so much relevance, 
given specific sets of workflows. That's bad news to me, a 
disappointment, because making things easier for the distant future was 
my only motivation for focussing on wl a bit.


Jan Bruns

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