[ANNOUNCE] weston 9.0.91

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Tue Dec 14 14:41:00 UTC 2021

This is the alpha release for Weston 10.0.0. It's been a while since the
previous release, so Weston 10.0.0 will contain a whole bunch of new features
and improvements. Here are some highlights:

- Add building blocks for color management: color transformations, gamma
  correct blending, color profiles.
- Add feedback to linux-dmabuf-unstable-v1, enabling zero-copy scanout in more
- libseat support has been added. It will supersede all launchers in a future
- The test suite has been expanded.
- All example clients have been converted to xdg-shell.
- Weston can now automatically launch a client after startup.

Notes for packagers:

- libdrm 2.4.95, libwayland 1.18.0 and wayland-protocols 1.24 are now required.
- libpipewire 0.3 is required for the PipeWire remoting plugin.
- Support for the deprecated wl_shell interface is now disabled by default (it
  will be removed in a future release, re-enable it with the Meson option
- A KMS driver supporting universal planes is now required for the DRM backend.

Thanks to all contributors!

Full commit history below.

Alexandros Frantzis (4):
      input: Use cursor surface dimensions to evaluate presence of content
      tests: Store the pointer event serial
      tests: Add shot test for pointer cursor behavior
      backend-drm: Clear drm_output cursor_view when view is destroyed

Alvarito050506 (3):
      gitignore: Ignore the build/ directory.
      compositor: Move `child_process_list` from global to `wet_compositor`.
      compositor: Added autolaunch support.

Alyssa Ross (2):
      terminal: use /bin/sh as the default shell
      clients: don't use deprecated fontconfig aliases

Ambareesh Balaji (1):
      pipewire: fix null deref in 0.3 API

Anurup M (4):
      desktop-shell: Add missing weston_config_destroy() for desktop.config
      doc: Avoid weston install useless documentation files
      compositor: Fix possible memory leak when wl_display_create() fails
      launcher: Add more error logging to launcher backends

Bastian Krause (1):
      backend-drm/state-propose: print format instead of *pixel_format_info address

Chen Qi (1):
      backend-wayland: fix incorrect header

Christian Rauch (1):
      destroy shm, pointer, keyboard, touch and seat on exit

Damian Wrobel (1):
      compositor: Improve logging message

Daniel Stone (54):
      drm/state-propose: Remove unused planes_region member
      drm/state-propose: Remove special casing for cursor plane
      drm/state-propose: Reduce variable scope
      drm/state-propose: Fix fix typo typo
      drm/state-propose: Flatten and clarify control flow
      CI: Run Pages build on main
      drm/state-propose: Remove unnecessary check
      CI: Use larger timeout multiplier for ASan tests
      CI: Quieten virtme kernel output
      xdg-shell: Move check for surface having buffer earlier
      xdg-shell: Fail xdg_surface creation when surface has role
      ci: Switch to using new rules syntax
      drm/vaapi: Fix pointer-size confusion
      Bump wayland-protocols dependency to 1.19
      CI: Use appropriate parallelism for container builds
      CI: Build wayland-protocols in container
      CI: Don't rebuild when running tests
      CI: Document the build and container process
      CI: Rename job names to keep parameters first
      CI: Deduplicate $PATH
      CI: no-test jobs don't need KVM
      CI: Start parameterising for OS/architecture
      CI: Consolidate kernel/Mesa dependency installation
      CI: Split OS-independent section from debian-install.sh
      ci: Bump Meson to 0.57.1
      CI: Use Meson to build Wayland
      CI: Use 'needs' to make dependencies more clear
      CI: Parameterise kernel build a bit more
      CI: Add initial AArch64 support
      CI: Add full AArch64 KVM support
      CI: Add ARMv7 support
      CI: Separate build types out into stages
      gl-renderer: Fix sign confusion in format/modifier query
      backend-headless: Fix pointer vs. int confusion with EGL
      tests: Bump alignment for test structures to 64 bytes
      ci: Work around PipeWire build warning with Clang
      ci: Remove erroneous extension from .build-no-test
      ci: Add clang build jobs
      ci: Clean up Wayland build directory
      ci: Use a non-conflicting directory for PipeWire clone
      CI: Upgrade kernel to v5.14
      ci: Move Debian from Buster to Bullseye
      remoting: Fix warnings for multi-planar interface
      backend-x11: Fix EGL compile warning
      simple-egl: Avoid 30bpc configs
      tests: Serialise drm-smoke-test against everything else
      content-protection: Don't leak update timer on shutdown
      backend-drm: Free scanout format table after use
      backend-drm: Early-out in plane assignment for unimportable buffers
      backend-drm: Move drm_fb reference to state-propose
      backend-drm: Move fb -> buffer reference to plane state
      backend-drm: Cache drm_fb for each weston_buffer
      backend-drm: Cache fb<->plane format compatibility list

David Fort (2):
      rdp-backend: unify creation of pixman_renderer_output
      rdp-backend: require FreeRDP >= 2.2 to remove all the version hacks

Dennis Tsiang (1):
      gl-renderer: Don't require buffer age when using partial update

Denys Dmytriyenko (1):
      tests: include fcntl.h for open(), O_RDWR, O_CLOEXEC and O_CREAT

Derek Foreman (8):
      ci: Fix pull rate limit errors
      drm: Ignore timestamp for monitor shut-off
      input: fix keyboard focus crash
      launcher-logind: Try the user's primary session if not in a session
      gl-renderer: Add EGL_IMAGE_PRESERVED_KHR to our attributes
      gl-renderer: Don't re-import dmabufs
      compositor: Allow disabling default flight recorders
      xwayland: Fix copy and paste error

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (7):
      backend-wayland: Abort early when wl_shm isn’t advertised
      compositor: Add suggestion when colord is enabled but not LCMS
      Fix indentation all through the project
      simple-touch: Use true/false instead of 1/0 for bool type
      simple-touch: Remove unused include
      simple-touch: Exit on xdg_toplevel::close
      pipewire: Drop support for 0.2 API

Erik Kurzinger (1):
      desktop-shell: don't run fade animation if compositor is inactive

Harish Krupo (3):
      gl-renderer: Requirement based shader generation
      gl-renderer: Add debug scope for shader generator
      gl-renderer: implement intermediate framebuffer (shadow)

Harsha M M (1):
      ivi-shell: clean up remaining ivisurface during de-init

Heiko Thiery (2):
      libweston/backend/drm: might need EGL
      Add EGL_NO_PLATFORM_SPECIFIC_TYPES to avoid Xlib.h via EGL headers

Igor Matheus Andrade Torrente (4):
      tests: Add a way to write a Weston.ini inside the test
      tests: Convert ivi-shell-app-test.c to use `weston_ini_setup`
      backend-drm: Reuse drmModeRes in drm_backend_create
      backend-drm: Drop support to non universal plane drivers

James Hilliard (2):
      pipewire: add support for 0.3 API
      Update gitlab-ci pipewire to version 0.3.31

John Good (1):
      Allow programmatically closing xwayland window

Jonas Ådahl (4):
      xdg-shell: Add support for popup repositioning
      ci: Update ci-templates to newer version
      ci: Use ci-fairy to check for Signed-off-by
      desktop-shell: Damage subsurfaces when minimizing

Jonathan Marler (4):
      launcher: fix socket message race condition
      launcher: remove unused field
      launcher: remove unused enum value
      data-device: cleanup after touch drag

Kenny Levinsen (7):
      libweston-desktop: Disable xdg_shell_v6
      libweston/launcher: libseat backend
      libweston/launcher: Allow VT switch without get_vt
      ci: Build with libseat enabled
      ci: Set timeouts on various stages
      ci: Test using seatd instead of direct launcher
      docs: Describe libseat for weston launch

Leandro Ribeiro (53):
      drm-backend: move CRTC data from struct drm_output to new struct drm_crtc
      drm-backend: drop unused_crtcs from struct drm_backend
      drm-backend: move code to init/deinit planes to specific functions
      drm-backend: cosmetic changes to make the code easier to read
      drm-backend: do not set output->crtc to NULL in drm_output_init_planes() failure
      drm-backend: free old connector props before replacing it with newer data
      drm-backend: move connector data from struct drm_head to struct drm_connector
      drm-backend: cache drmModeObjectProperties for connectors
      drm-backend: reduce number of drmModeGetConnector() calls
      drm-backend: move drm_head management from drm_connector_assign_connector_info() to drm_head_update_info()
      drm-backend: update description of drm_head_create() and drm_head_update_info()
      drm-backend: rename drm_backend_update_heads() to drm_backend_update_connectors()
      drm-backend: add helper function resources_has_connector()
      drm-backend: add function drm_backend_add_connector() to create drm_head for connectors that appear
      drm-backend: add support for writeback connectors
      tests: add mechanism to change Weston's behavior when running certain tests
      libweston: drop opaque struct wet_testsuite_data
      tests: remove destroy_listener when destroying test-desktop-shell
      tests: remove has_wl_drm from struct client
      tests: change type of int buffer_copy_done to bool
      screenshooter: rename some functions to avoid conflicts
      tests: start to use Weston's default screenshooter in the test suite
      tests: drop test suite screenshooter implementation and protocol extension
      compositor: move tests quirks initialization to weston_compositor_create()
      libweston: do not forget to check if test_data is NULL
      backend-drm: set plane format to gbm_format at the appropriate time
      backend-drm: move check that skips cursor planes for views that don't use wl_shm buffer
      libweston: add struct weston_drm_format
      tests: add unit tests for struct weston_drm_format
      backend-drm: move code that creates gbm surface to a separate function
      backend-drm: fix slightly wrong comment about allocating with no modifiers
      backend-drm: add DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID to modifier sets when no modifiers are supported
      backend-drm: ignore formats without modifiers from IN_FORMATS
      backend-drm: do not import dmabuf buffers with no modifiers to KMS
      backend-drm: document that we allow to import wl_drm buffers to KMS with no modifiers
      gl-renderer: do not expose query_dmabuf_formats and query_dmabuf_modifiers
      gl-renderer: always add DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID to EGL formats
      backend-drm: simplify compile time array copy
      shared/helpers: fix ARRAY_COPY macro
      shared/helpers: use ARRAY_COPY where possible
      libweston: do not forget to destroy temporary drm_format_array
      tests: fix leaks in drm-formats-test
      ci: replace kvmconfig with kvm_guest.config
      drm-formats: save result of intersection in the first array
      drm-formats: remove create() and destroy() from the API
      CI: bump mesa and wayland-protocol versions for dma-buf feedback
      drm-formats: add weston_drm_format_array_count_pairs()
      libweston: assert that renderer->get_supported_formats() is set
      libweston: add initial dma-buf feedback implementation
      backend-drm: keep track of the reason why promoting view to a plane failed
      backend-drm: add KMS plane's formats to per-surface dma-buf feedback
      clients: add client to test the dma-buf feedback implementation
      clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: pretty print format/modifier pairs

Link Mauve (1):
      renderer-gl: Allocate buffer on the stack

Lujin Wang (2):
      libweston: Remove source repaint_timer in weston_compositor_shutdown
      clients: Free output->make/model in output_destroy

Manuel Stoeckl (7):
      compositor: avoid setting WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0
      pixman-renderer: track Pixman formats in pixel format table
      backend-wayland: replace a nested wl_display_roundtrip call
      backend-wayland: clean up wayland_input structs
      gl-renderer: add support for (a|x)bgr2101010 shm formats
      gl-renderer: add support for (a|x)bgr16161616f shm formats
      simple-egl: only force config buffer size for 16bpp

Marek Vasut (1):
      screen-share: Add option to start screen sharing on weston startup

Marius Vlad (55):
      plug-ins: Migrate pipewire and remoting plug-ins headers to public header
      kiosk-shell: Keep track of seats created and destroy them at end
      remoting,pipewire: Use the connector and the output name for the head name
      gitlab-ci.yml: Have a doc job
      backend-drm: Fix ignoring config 'require-input' option
      libweston/libinput-device: Enable/Set pointer capabilities only on pointer movement
      doc: Add running-weston.rst file
      kiosk-shell: Give keyboard focus when mapping the surface
      libweston/backend-drm: Re-order gbm destruction at DRM-backend tear down
      kiosk-shell: Enable screenshooter in kiosk-shell
      kiosk-shell: Add transform_handler to correctly position xwayland surfaces
      kiosk-shell: Read background-color from ini file
      backend-drm/state-propose: Check the surface buffer dimensions for cursor case
      backend-wayland: Avoid iterating over un-intialized lists
      backend-wayland: Avoid spinning forever if dispatching failed
      compositor: Prevent an invalid access against content protection
      xwayland/window-manager: Handle theme destruction
      xwayland/window-manager: Handle weston_wm_window's name/class destruction
      weston-debug: Handle destruction of stream description
      backend-drm: Clean-up minor leak when destroying the DRM-backend
      gl-renderer: Avoid destroying an egl image if known import failed
      gl-renderer: Assume num images the same as the no of planes
      pixel-formats: Add human readable format modifier
      gitlab-ci.yml: Use same container source as the docs
      input: Handle correctly failure to compile XKB keymaps
      libweston/data-device: Don't crash when doing dnd operations w/o a keyboard
      desktop-shell: Use weston_surface_destroy() directly
      desktop-shell: Keep track of seats
      desktop-shell: Clear out missing listeners
      simple-egl: Bail out if xdg-shell was not found
      simple-touch: Convert to xdg-shell
      multi-resource: Convert to xdg-shell
      gitlab-ci: Check merge request for allowing edits
      gitlab-ci: Use the same name as for check-commits
      kiosk-shell: Swap green with blue for the background-color
      desktop-shell: Remove no-op de-activation of the xdg top-level surface
      desktop-shell: Rename gain/lose keyboard focus to activate/de-activate
      desktop-shell: Embed keyboard focus handle code when activating
      desktop-shell: Remove keyboard_focus_listener
      libweston: Rename weston_view_activate() to weston_view_activate_input()
      shared/shell-utils: Create common helpers functions for shells
      desktop-shell, kiosk-shell: Migrate helpers to create a view to shell-utils
      kiosk-shell: Allow to retrieve surface labels
      desktop-shell: Don't crash on when attemping to switch
      backend-rdp: Correctly tear down the RDP back-end
      kiosk-shell: Embed keyboard focus activation code
      kiosk-shell: Handle child top-level windows at destruction
      kiosk-shell: ignore additional seats
      kiosk-shell: Remove keyboard_focus and seat_caps listeners
      desktop-shell: Guard against invalid seats in get_shell_seat()
      libinput-seat: Cascade errors and bail out in case of failure
      .gitlab.ci: Enable debug for libsteat and for the DRM backend
      kiosk-shell: Add a border fill to non-fullscreen views
      clients/simple-damage,simple-shm: Use calloc instead of malloc
      .gitlab-ci: Retrieve return value before any other command

Maxime Roussin-Bélanger (6):
      tests: fix typos
      shared: fix typos
      protocol: fix "assigne" typo
      backend-drm: fix typos
      libweston: fix typos
      doc: fix typos

Michael Olbrich (3):
      compositor: update scissor region before using it
      compositor: clip the opaque region with the scissor area
      wayland-backend: forward seats with the correct name

Michael Tretter (1):
      ivi-shell: bring back reference weston.ini

Nicholas Niro (1):
      clients/desktop-shell: Add 24H support to the clock format.

Pekka Paalanen (188):
      drm-backend: fix deinit_planes
      Bump libdrm dependency to 2.4.95
      compositor: delete segv_compositor
      libweston: constify data_source_interface
      libweston: bump major version to 10
      CI: expose built docs preview
      CI: store test images in artifacts
      tests: do not save PNG on success
      config-parser: use zalloc()
      tests: re-order drm-smoke in test list
      tests: constify fill_image_with_color()
      tests: factor out verify_image()
      tests: add alpha-blending test
      launcher-direct: allow non-root on non-seat0
      launcher-direct: warn when opening devices non-root
      gl-renderer: require GL_EXT_unpack_subimage
      tests: add yuv-buffer test
      CI: expose test results as junit
      build: bump Meson requirement to 0.52.1
      tests: switch to TAP
      libweston: move TYPEVERIFY macro into shared
      tests: introduce struct fixture_metadata
      tests: refactor into fixture_setup_array_get_arg()
      tests: use fixture names in reports
      tests: --list lists individual fixture setups
      tests: clarify --help
      CONTRIBUTING: no more emailed patches
      CONTRIBUTING: make S-o-b mandatory but pseudonym ok
      tests: add drm_screenshot_no_damage
      drm-backend: do not skip renderer if capturing screen
      libweston: do not damage on screenshot
      gl-renderer: assume pbuffers preserve contents
      tests: add output damage test
      gl-renderer: bikeshed GL version handling
      gl-renderer: split into gl-shaders.c
      gl-renderer: move vertex shader into new file
      gl-renderer: rewrite fragment shaders
      gl-renderer: rename shader debug flag to green_tint
      gl-renderer: dump failed shader source
      gl-renderer: simplify shader replacement in draw_view()
      gl-renderer: send protocol error on shader failure
      gl-renderer: add fallback shader
      gl-renderer: add missing glActiveTexture calls
      libweston: add color ops cap and bool renderer shadow buffer
      pixman-renderer: share region_global_to_output()
      compositor: add weston.ini option use-renderer-shadow
      CI: bump Mesa to 20.3.1
      tests: extend output-damage to GL shadow framebuffer
      gl-renderer: drop R8 and GR88 definitions
      drop MOD_INVALID, MOD_LINEAR definitions
      Add weston-drm-fourcc.h
      gl-renderer: support XYUV8888 wl_shm format
      tests: add XYUV8888 to yuv-test
      gl-renderer: rename color uniform to unicolor
      gl-renderer: move alpha pre-mult from YUV to RGB
      gl-renderer: move magic constants into yuva2rgba()
      gl-renderer: drop redundant texture lookups
      gl-renderer: factor out sample_input_texture()
      gl-renderer: move view alpha out of sample_input_texture()
      gl-renderer: doc YCbCr-RGB conversion
      gl-renderer: whitespace style clean-up
      gl-renderer: add compositor shorthand pointer
      gl-renderer: log shader deletions too
      gl-renderer: garbage-collect old shaders
      gl-renderer: print use time with gl-shader-generator debug
      CI: add test coverage results
      CI: work around Gitlab Cobertura parsing quirk
      compositor: move colon in capability printing
      compositor: print all existing capability bits
      libweston: add required_capabilities test suite quirk
      tests: let output damage skip without color ops
      tests: define ENABLE_JUNIT_XML to 1 or 0
      libweston: fix #ifdef ENABLE_EGL
      build: add -Wundef
      tests: add build option to force skips as failures
      CI: test skips are failures
      doc: fix udev rule in calibration-helper.bash
      gl-renderer: move functions into gl-shaders.c
      gl-renderer: move gl_renderer_send_shader_error() upwards
      gl-renderer: pass 'gr' from draw_view()
      gl-renderer: move shader list destroy to gl-shaders.c
      gl-renderer: rework uniform value assignments
      gl-renderer: gl_surface_state has only shader_variant
      gl-renderer: remove redundant 'target'
      gl-renderer: add note about fallback shader color
      CI: a new style for LCOV reports
      libweston: assert frame times never go backwards
      libweston: choose only monotonic software presentation clocks
      drm-backend: require DRM_CAP_TIMESTAMP_MONOTONIC
      compositor: fix UAF on text-backend tear-down
      CI: use address sanitizer without leak checks
      CI: turn BUILDDIR and PREFIX into CI variables
      CI: put coverage-html output into file
      CI: shorten job names
      libweston: remove weston_view::renderer_state
      libweston: introduce weston_paint_node
      libweston: per-output z-ordered paint node list
      pixman-renderer: iterate paint nodes
      gl-renderer: iterate paint nodes
      libweston: iterate paint nodes on output repaint
      libweston: iterate paint nodes in accumulate damage
      drm-backend: iterate paint nodes
      libweston: comment places that cannot use paint node lists
      libweston: add weston_layer_fini()
      desktop-shell: call weston_layer_fini()
      ivi-shell: call weston_layer_fini()
      kiosk-shell: call weston_layer_fini()
      tests: call weston_layer_fini()
      libweston-desktop: rename weston_desktop_client_destroy()
      libweston-desktop: introduce weston_desktop_client_destroy()
      libweston-desktop: add weston_desktop_xwayland_fini()
      tests: destroy subcompositor in alpha-blending
      tests: destroy screenshooter
      tests: proper weston_test_surface_create()
      clients/window: fix leaks on start-up failure
      keyboard: free stuff on exit
      clients/window: move code into global_destroy()
      clients/window: destroy remaining globals
      Add leak sanitizer suppressions
      tests: allow client_destroy() after expect_protocol_error()
      tests: clean up after viewporter-test
      desktop-shell: destroy weston_desktop
      desktop-shell: rename output_listener to shell_output
      desktop-shell: clean up shell_output better
      shared/cairo-util: fix leak from load_cairo_surface()
      clients/window: clean up xkb compose data
      clients/keyboard: free input_panel_surface
      pixman-renderer: draw_view -> draw_paint_node
      gl-renderer: draw_view -> draw_paint_node
      libweston: introduce CMS component architecture
      color: add output color transform API
      color: add from sRGB to output color transformation
      color: add from sRGB to blending color transformation
      libweston: begin color-lcms plugin
      compositor: add weston.ini option to enable color management
      tests: ensure color-lcms plugin loads
      gl-renderer: do not unbind the context on output destroy
      Revert "gl-renderer: Make dummy surface current after all outputs are gone"
      gl-renderer: require GL ES 3.0 for color management
      gl-renderer: define fragment shader compile_const
      gl-renderer: use shadow framebuffer automatically
      Revert "compositor: add weston.ini option use-renderer-shadow"
      libweston: remove weston_output_set_renderer_shadow_buffer()
      tests: fix refname leaks
      tests: fix leaks in bad-buffer
      tests: fix leak in events
      tests: fix leaks in internal-screenshot-test
      tests: fix leaks in ivi-layout-test-client
      tests: add destroy listener in ivi-layout test plugin
      ivi-shell: destroy desktop
      tests: fix leak in ivi-shell-app-test
      compositor: fix leaking log_scopes
      tests: destroy client in keyboard-test
      tests: destroy client in pointer-test
      tests: fix leak in surface_commit_color() in pointer-shot
      tests: fix leaks in presentation-test
      gl-renderer: add shader bit input_is_premult
      gl-renderer: fragment shader precision to high
      gl-renderer: implement SHADER_COLOR_CURVE_LUT_3x1D
      gl-renderer: implement 3 x 1D LUT color pre-curve
      gl-renderer: color transform censor fill and triangle fan
      gl-renderer: color transform output borders
      gl-renderer: color transform in blit_shadow_to_output()
      color-lcms: use sRGB EOTF
      tests/alpha-blending: refactor into get_middle_row()
      tests/alpha-blending: reference blending
      tests/alpha-blending: add sRGB linear light case
      tests: clean up in roles-test
      tests: fix all leaks in subsurface-test
      tests: reduce subsurface-test verbosity
      tests: fix some leaks in subsurface-shot-test
      tests: fix all leaks in linux-explicit-synchronization-test
      tests: fix all leaks in surface-test
      tests: fix all leaks in surface-global-test
      tests: fix all leaks in text-test
      tests: fix all leaks in touch-test
      tests: free pixman image in yuv-buffer-test
      tests: fix all leaks in devices-test
      doc: fix doxygen warnings
      shared: add str_printf()
      libweston: fix crash on never used output's tear-down
      ci: bump test timeouts
      color: introduce weston_color_profile
      color: add weston_compositor_load_icc_file()
      libweston: refactor into weston_output_set_color_transforms()
      libweston: add weston_output::color_profile
      compositor: add icc_profile weston.ini option for outputs
      CI: emit cobertura artifact from only one job

Peter Hutterer (1):
      CONTRIBUTING: update IRC mention to oftc

Samu Nuutamo (1):
      libinput-seat: update leds when a new device is added

Scott Anderson (2):
      backend-drm: start to use weston_drm_format in drm_plane
      gl-renderer: query DRM device given an EGLDisplay

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (1):
      xdg-shell: Rephrase the "geometry larger than fullscreen state" error

Simon Ser (12):
      build: re-open master for regular development
      releasing: make sure to add release artifacts to wayland.fdo
      clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: add format option
      clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: don't add INVALID to modifier list
      clients/window: atomically update pointer cursor
      libweston-desktop: introduce a deprecated-wl-shell option
      tests/roles: switch to xdg-shell
      ci: upgrade seatd to 0.6
      ci: export ASAN_OPTIONS
      ci: use seatd-launch
      readme: advertise the doc website
      build: bump to version 9.0.91 for the alpha release

Stefan Agner (1):
      backend-rdp: release seat on peer disconnect

Takuro Ashie (3):
      desktop-shell: Fix wrong initial position of input panel
      weston-keyboard: Enable to set as overlay panel
      Fix crash on activating a text area without a real keyboard

Tanmay Shah (1):
      clients: Fix shell background image setting.

Veeresh Kadasani (3):
      pipewire/meson: fix option in user_hint
      desktop-shell:change expiration of minute and sec
      weston.ini.man :remove tablet shell related things

Vitaly Prosyak (1):
      tests: refactoring alpha-blending

Vlad Zahorodnii (2):
      xwayland: Pass -listenfd instead of -listen <fd>
      libweston/compositor: Drop weston_frame_callback

ahe (1):
      libweston/renderer-gl/gl-renderer.c: use glDeleteTextures() and update gs->num_textures if num_textures is decrased

bnlrnz (1):
      backend-headless: NULL check after wl_event_loop_add_timer

nerdopolis (3):
      launcher-direct: handle seat0 without VTs
      launcher-logind: handle any seat without VTs
      Fix TTY switching after failed failed repaint with legacy mode set.

xndcn (1):
      screen-share: fix possible memory leak for `out_pixman_error` case

yj1231.heo (1):
      fullscreen-shell : fullscreen-shell doesn't support the screenshooter

git tag: 9.0.91

SHA256: 6bc9dbd33b445c1c091e550e8ff2a2dec74e1dc30d8c844f0908d4581bb92f19  weston-9.0.91.tar.xz
SHA512: 799911a00e16a0dccce689b32465dd5b690f06a9fb3c62a4ab118548fd212d331f805bd1368188c81765034457679063ebbb6bc7cc5b4cb4be5697f8a780f03c  weston-9.0.91.tar.xz
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-9.0.91.tar.xz.sig

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