How to test whether a buffer is in linear format

Hoosier, Matt Matt.Hoosier at
Fri Aug 5 12:32:01 UTC 2022

Suppose that I want to map a GPU buffer to the CPU and do image analysis on it. I know all the usual cautions about this being a poor performance option, etc. But suppose for the moment that the use-case requires it.

What's the right set of preconditions to conclude that the buffer is in vanilla linear representation? In other words: no compression, tiling, or any other proprietary GPU tricks that would prevent accessing the pixel data in the same way you would for a dumb buffer.

I think that requiring the modifiers to be 0x0 would suffice. But is that overkill? Maybe there are situations when some modifiers are set, but they don't affect the interpretation of the pixel data.

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