Window positions under wayland

Alan Griffiths alan.griffiths at
Tue Aug 9 07:57:16 UTC 2022

On 09/08/2022 03:36, JiDe Zhang wrote:
> Thanks. I read 
>, Is your 
> standpoint by adding more shell protocols to support windows that 
> behave differently rather than allowing the client to take full 
> control window position to implement some special behavior? Agree, 
> wayland should maintain its current design goals.
> --JiDe Zhang -- linuxdeepin.

Note that I don't speak for the whole Wayland community, just as an 
implementer of one of many Wayland compositors. But yes, that's what has 
happened with moving from wl-shell to xdg-shell and with more 
specialised extensions such as xdg-foreign and wlr-layer-shell. I 
anticipate that where there is sufficient justification additional 
features will be added either by updating existing extensions or by 
adding new ones.
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