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samuel ammonius sfammonius at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 16:50:26 UTC 2022

Hi Igor,

I don't understand why you would want to be able to control where a
dialog goes. I'd normally agree that applications should be given the
option to do whatever they want, but a dialog is literally the worst
example possible second only to splash screens. Wayland allows
the user to control weather all dialogs should be centred in the screen
or in their parent application. Why is this a bad thing?

OR do what the
> user has explicitly configured it to do because the user wants something
> broken (and the compositor allows it),

This was only supposed to mean that users are able to configure their
compositor in strange ways and still have all apps behave the same.
Normally I'd argue that apps should still be given the option to ignore
these preferences (or at least a standard way to *ask* the compositor
if it can ignore them), but not with dialogs. I'm assuming you're talking
about Yes/No-type dialogs.
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