How Wayland manages the automation/access of input devices and deal with block on them

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What does still Wayland not standarize? Do you say the automation of input devices, don't you?

My aim consists in test UI resources as OS icons for example: Show applications, click on any application contained in show applications list, type text at the search box, and so on... Generally saying, simulate/automate mouse and keyboard events how a user would do (for example xdotool developed for X11/Xorg performs this task when you pass mousemove, getmouselocation, keydown/keyup as arguments).

uinput I have heard about, moreover there is a python implementation for it called python-uinput which I said here based on uinput kernel module, I was able to automate some keyboard keystrokes but I was not able to automate keyboard shortcuts and mouse events.

libei I never heard about it, about compositors I don't have knowledge on how they work yet, I need to know what they are and their working to comprehend how to deal with them.

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Assunto: How Wayland manages the automation/access of input devices and deal with block on them

Hello there,

I was developing some scripts to automate test cases using Xlib package in Python to test resources (click in icons, verify the opened window, text that appeared) on a new linux distro here, before it was standardized in X11 and now they decided to standardize it in Wayland and it let me stucked to keep the development of the scripts because the lack of working. I also give a dig to find packages in Python and mouse/keyboard simulation tools compatible with Wayland which work in terminal and I found python-uinput which works for simulation of keyboard but not to simulate mouse, and ydotool which gave me error. Now I would like to know how Wayland manages the automation of mouse and keyboard opposed to X11/XOrg in order to develop any script in Python or other language to automate input devices, I don't have any knowledge of the differences from XOrg and Wayland and I fell in this study because the need to automate Wayland.

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