Subsequent wl_keyboard .keymap calls and xkb_state from the client perspective

Matthew Helsley matt.helsley at
Wed Jul 19 20:11:57 UTC 2023

I've been looking through the xkbcommon API documentation[1]  and the
Wayland protocol docs and specs for xdg_shell [2][3] to learn about
what to do when keymaps change. It's possible I missed something in
the docs somewhere and if so I'd greatly appreciate a reference to
where else I ought to look.

The questions I'm trying to find an answer for:

What should the client do with the xkb_state when a new keymap gets
sent to the client after an initial keymap was used to create the

Should the client throw away the xkb_state entirely and create a new
one with the new keymap? Or would that cause xkb_state to, from the
user's perspective, get horrifically out of sync?

Thanks in advance for your time!

    -Matt Helsley


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