Extension protocols to support keyboard and mouse sharing?

Matt Hoosier matt.hoosier at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 18:47:47 UTC 2023


For a while now, I’ve been hoping to see some commercial solutions like
https://symless.com/synergy that implement keyboard and mouse sharing
finally add support for running on DEs that use Wayland.

It seems to be forever on their feature roadmaps but never really getting

I assume the problem is lack of a good way to snoop on the input events and
(maybe; not sure how these commercial solutions implement it) rewrite or
suppress certain input events when they’re talking to a typical DE
compositor like Mutter.

I had a quick look through the current set of things in wayland-protocols,
and nothing jumped out at me as work in that direction.

Does anybody know of something underway in the upstream compositors that
might not have filtered down to wayland-protocols yet, which would be
useful for securely implementing mouse/keyboard sharing across separate
machines? Maybe I could point these vendors to it.
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