FOSDEM graphics DevRoom CFP

Luc Verhaegen libv at
Sun Nov 19 10:34:59 UTC 2023


At FOSDEM on Sunday the 4th of February, there will the 15th Graphics 


The talk topics of the graphics devroom encompass:
* graphics drivers: display, 2d engines, 3d engines, at bootloader, 
  kernel and userspace levels.
* media drivers: camera/capture engines, hardware media encoders and 
  decoders on all levels.
* input drivers for bootloaders, kernels and userspace on all levels.
* windowing systems (X, wayland, others) and window managers.
* graphics toolkits (QT, GTK, others).
* 3D and Compute APIs (OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX, others), and 3d and game 
* Virtual reality hardware and toolkits.
* Artificial Intelligence HW acceleration.
* Media encode and decode applications.
And the tools needed to help configure and run the above.

Like with so many DevRooms, we got a surprise half a day only, so there 
will have to be 8 slots of 20 minutes (with 5 minutes of setup, and 5 
mins of Q&A) on half an hour boundaries.

Submission deadline is the 10th of december, but do not count on this 
date, once the schedule has filled with enough solid talks, we will 
accept no more.

You can submit your talk here:

FOSDEM has moved away from the clunky but known quantity that was 
Pentabarf to pretalx. Accounts from Pentabarf are no longer valid, and 
you will have to create a new account.

Please put some time and effort in the title and at least abstract. 
FOSDEM is a massive and thoroughly organized event, which produces a 
printed scheduled booklet every time, and many thousand copies will be 
in the hands of many thousand visitors.

Since this an open source community event, please refrain from turning 
in a talk that is a pure corporate or product commercial. Also, this is 
a highly technical devroom on a conference aimed at developers and 
advanced users, so please only submit talks on a subject you actually 
worked on.

If you are unsure on whether you can come or not, perhaps you are unsure 
about corporate sponsorship of your travels (this is FOSDEM, why are you 
not there anyway?), wait with submitting your talk until you are certain 
that you can be present.

All talks will be recorded and made available as CC-By-Sa or CC-By. The 
FOSDEM CoC will have to be agreed as well 

If there are any issues, just email graphics-devroom-manager at, 
where you can reach the team of graphics devroom managers, Pierre 
Moreau, Arek Hiler, Martin Roukala, and myself, who will also schedule 
and review your talk submissions.

We will be keeping a keen eye on submissions and scheduling, and hope to 
see you all at FOSDEM.


Luc Verhaegen.

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