Questions about object ID lifetimes

jleivent jleivent at
Mon Sep 25 16:05:30 UTC 2023

On Wed, 20 Sep 2023 10:05:51 -0400
jleivent <jleivent at> wrote:

> ..
> Here's a very wild suggestion that would eliminate it and still
> be compatible with Wayland 1.  Add a delete_id request without
> modifying the existing protocol.

I have a delete_id request hack, enhanced zombies everywhere, a LRU
ring for zombie reuse (when there's no delete_id requests) on the
server, all with full compatibility maintained and no protocol
additions (so it's fully drop-in compatible for clients and
servers) building and running in my limited testing on my
jonleivent/wayland-idfix fork.  My README explains it in depth.  I
would like this to eventually become a pull request, but I need to do
more testing first.  Which brings me to my question:

How do I get CI/CD capability turned on?  I tried building the unit
tests locally, but get errors that suggest those tests need to be run
in CI.  Issue 540 says I need to apply for the guest role - how do I do


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