Questions about object ID lifetimes

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On Mon, 25 Sep 2023 12:05:30 -0400
jleivent <jleivent at> wrote:

> How do I get CI/CD capability turned on?  I tried building the unit
> tests locally, but get errors that suggest those tests need to be run
> in CI.  Issue 540 says I need to apply for the guest role - how do I do
> that?

I don't recall libwayland having anything that needs to be specifically
run in a CI environment, and if it does, it should automatically skip
outside of CI environment. Weston does this.

What errors did you get? How did you run them?

'meson test' is the command.

I think applying for the guest role means that you can file an issue on
the upstream project asking for the permission. At minimum, a
maintainer needs to know your gitlab handle.

All this permission hassle is just to avoid people that want to steal
CPU time from CI runners for unrelated or unwanted purposes (like
building a complete Android OS image from scratch or cryptomining).

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