[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.26.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Jun 6 06:07:23 UTC 2024

libinput 1.26.0 is now available. It's been a while since the last release
but we have a few notable changes in here:

Touchpads can now configure a clickfinger button map, so you can change
whether two- or three-finger click means a right or middle click.
See libinput_device_config_click_set_clickfinger_button_map

Tablet pads now have an API for relative dials. These are typically wheel-like
(e.g. Huion Inspiroy 2) or ring-like (e.g. Huion Inspiroy Dial 2) physical devices
that send REL_WHEEL and REL_HWHEEL. libinput now provides these via
libinput_event_tablet_pad_get_dial_delta_v120() in much the same manner as the
v120-based scroll wheel API.

A new configuration option for tablet tools allow reducing the available
logical range. This is useful for users that want the tool to register only
when some physical pressure value is reached, or to reduce the maximum amount
of pressure needed to reach the logical maximum pressure. See
libinput_tablet_tool_config_pressure_range_set() and friends.

Tablet tools can now use BTN_STYLUS3 too and tablet pad strip support should
now work for non-Wacom devices, where the kernel driver implements it.

Huion tablets (well, and all vendors that use the 256C vendor id) now have a fallback
resolution set. This is going to be wrong on most devices but at least it will
make those tablets work out of the box, instead of failing with the
"missing tablet capabilities: resolution" log message.

And of course a varied assortment of device specific quirks and fixes.

As usual, the git shortlog is below, many thanks to all our contributors.

Bogdan Mircea (1):
      Added quirks for TongFang/Uniwill touchpad and ITE keyboard

Derrick Timmermans (1):
      Add quirk for the Legion Slim 7 Gen 8 keyboard

Hooloovoo Blue (1):
      Update 50-system-lenovo.quirks to fix X201t tablet buttons

Joshua Goins (1):
      tablet: add API for relative dials

Josip Medved (1):
      Recognizing Framework 16 keyboard modules as internal keyboards

José Expósito (8):
      doc/user: Document "Closes" and "Fixes" tags
      Add libinput_device_get_id_bustype()
      quirks: add quirk for Dell Precision 5480 touchpad
      sparse: make some variables static
      touchpad: use boolean operator for booleans
      quirks: fix end-of-file in 50-system-huawei.quirks
      evdev: log the right mouse wheel angle

Julian Orth (1):
      Ring positions increase clockwise

Maarten de Vries (1):
      quirks: add quirk for Lenovo Legion keyboard 048d:c103

Marge Yang (1):
      quirks: add quirk for HP Haptics Touchpad.

Martin Rys (2):
      Add definitions for LIBINPUT_LED_COMPOSE and LIBINPUT_LED_KANA
      Include COMPOSE and KANA keys in tests

PLTorrent (1):
      Add support for Matebook X Pro 2024 Touchpad

Peter Hutterer (48):
      Add a helper for radians to degrees
      test: debug print the events we're draining
      test: set pressure to zero on proxout for the tablets with forced prox out
      test: fix a wrong value for the auto-assigned BTN_TOOL
      tablet: handle BTN_STYLUS3
      Revert "tablet: fix the pressure offset range being off by one"
      util: add a helper to normalize an axis to [0.0, 1.0]
      tablet: fix tilt handling for even-ranged tablets
      tablet: don't use absinfo_range for the percentage calculation
      tablet: move tool creation into a helper function
      tablet: document a known bug about pressure thresholds across tablets
      tablet: add tablet tool pressure range configuration
      triage-policies: add a bugbot command to close issue in favour of an MR
      doc/user: note the requirement to apply for gitlab fork permissions
      doc: drop permissions to 644 for the gesture state machine SVG
      quirks: tighten the match for the Graviton N15i touchpad
      doc: fix end-of-file in the state machine SVG
      test: only expect one button event from the intuos-like test
      CI: only check the MR if we're in a merge request pipeline
      touchpad: disable the immediate scroll state if tapping is enabled
      quirks: Add a the onebutton apple touchpad quirk for an old MacBook
      tools: fix two black warnings
      ci: bump to Fedora 39 and FreeBSD to 13.2
      util: add a LIST_INIT macro
      test: add helpers for checking (negative) errnos
      Move mkdir_p into a utility header
      util: fix error in mkdir_p if a parent directory fails to be created
      test: add two more more libinput_dispatch() calls
      test: slightly increase the finger switch timeout wait
      Revert "test: allow for substring matching in the various --filter- arguments"
      test: fix some tests that may cause pointer jumps
      test: fix two wrong timeout calls
      util: slightly improve the trace() macro
      test: remove a workaround for libevdev 1.2 and earlier
      test: remove some old compat code for kernel<4.5
      test: force the apple magicmouse to 1000dpi
      test: replace an assert with double_ge
      pad: rename two helper functions
      pad: implement strip support for non-Wacom tablets
      quirks: add quirk for RazerBladeAdvancedLate2019
      gitlab CI: don't run MR pipelines in forks
      CI: bump to Fedora 40
      evdev: don't return a size for 0-1 axes
      quirks: add a default resolution for Huion devices
      tools/record: record the DRIVER property in the recording
      pre-commit: ignore subprojects for ruff and black
      quirks: add support for Uniq matching
      libinput 1.26.0

Putu Wiramaswara Widya (1):
      added quirks for Thinkpad X390 Yoga's trackpoint

Tarcísio Eduardo Moreira Crocomo (2):
      touchpad: add clickfinger button map
      fix: unnecessary braces and mistake in doc

Theluga (1):
      quirks: Add Lenovo's Ideapad Gaming 3 white backlit keyboard as an internal keyboard

Yaraslau Furman (1):
      quirks: lenovo: mark Lenovo 16ARX8 keyboard as internal

Yogas Kung (1):
      quirks: increase MacBook touchpad AttrPalmSizeThreshold

The release is available via gitlab from

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