The Compositor Modules are released, the modular C++ library for writing Wayland compositors

Roman Gilg subdiff at
Tue Mar 5 10:09:37 UTC 2024

I'm happy to announce the first publicly available release of The
Compositor Modules, the modular C++ library to easily write a Wayland
compositor. The release is available on GitHub. [1]

You can read the full announcement with more details about the library
exclusively on Phoronix. [2]

The goal I once described at XDC 21 [3] has finally been reached by
that. There are still of course things to do, but the main library
structure is now in place. We can concentrate now on more feature
work. Check out the feature table in the main README to see what's
already there and what we plan on doing next.

If you're interested in using the library or contributing to it, let
me know either by email or join our Matrix room. [4]


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