Integration of XScreensaver with Wayland

Jeffrey Merkey jeffmerkey at
Wed Mar 20 00:26:47 UTC 2024


I am a developer working on a project with XScreensaver and I would really
like to find a way to implement XScreensaver with Wayland enabled.  By
I have to disable Wayland in order to run XScreensaver.  I maintain the
NetWare SMP based screensaver collection on Linux.

See below for my current XScreensaver and linux projects:

I am willing to develop support for Wayland into my XScreensaver code base
for my customers and users of my software and work with
Jamie to get it into XScreensaver.  I have reviewed Wayland and it has some
distinct advantages over X and I can see why folks would want to switch to
it.  Its architecture
provides better security and hardware performance than X, and appears well
designed.  At present the obstacles to using Wayland with XScreensaver
involve support for
screen locking and detecting application activity under the Wayland model.

There are several approaches that I can take with this including monitoring
io events from /proc.

What suggestions can you folks provide about what would be the best
approach to using Wayland with XScreensaver.  Right now, it has to be
disabled in order for
XScreensaver to work properly.    The basic requirement is detecting
application events, keyboard, and mouse and also being able to lock the

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