Integration of XScreensaver with Wayland

M Stoeckl wayl at
Thu Mar 21 01:41:29 UTC 2024

> At present the obstacles to using Wayland with XScreensaver involve 
> support for screen locking and detecting application activity under 
> the Wayland model.

Some Wayland compositors support protocols for these things, like:

> What suggestions can you folks provide about what would be the best
> approach to using Wayland with XScreensaver.

I've written some code which may be helpful to look at:

* If you just want the animations from Xscreensaver, I made an
(experimental, abandoned) fork which can render some of them on
the background, for compositors which support the wlr-layer-shell

* swaylock-plugin (a fork of the swaylock screenlocker) can 
(similarly to XScreensaver) use other processes to draw an animated

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