[Xcb] XCB source reorganization

Bart Massey bart@cs.pdx.edu
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 11:23:23 -0800

CVS doesn't have an easy mechanism for moving *anything*.
Send Jamey and I a tarball, and one of us can do the right
thing manually with the XCB CVS, or you could look on the
web for info and do it yourself.  Basically it involves
hand-editing and/or moving a bunch of files in the
repository itself.

Thanks much for doing this!


In message <19053418640.20030316093834@cs.pdx.edu> you wrote:
>       I've reorganized the XCB and XCL source like the twiki page says
> it should be. The problem is that this is on my computer,
> not in the CVS archives. What's the best way to get this in the CVS
> archives? CVS doesn't seem to have an easy mechanism for moving
> directories.
> ---Andy Howe
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