[Xcb] Quick XCL, implemented

Bart Massey bart@cs.pdx.edu
Sun, 02 Nov 2003 11:44:11 -0800

In message <20031102081357.GA9434@sharp.ath.cx> you wrote:
> I've got almost every Xlib app I've tested running on top of XCB now,
> without relinking.
> Heh. Wow.

Great work!!

> A recent patch to XlibInt.c to fix
> weird signedness issues that are difficult to reproduce... just goes
> away.

Heh.  Of course AFAIK XCB doesn't handle endianness right
yet either :-).

> Letting Xlib use XCB instantly offers
> plenty of test apps and plenty of incentive to do the testing.


> What's next? There's a little more work needed to make mixed calls to
> Xlib and XCB work, and this may break binary compatibility with
> extensions (but it might not, and anyway we don't care). That's
> necessary for any closer integration of XCB into Xlib. There's also a
> need for testing and debugging XCB on as many platforms as we can get
> ahold of. (I saw a VAX emulator around recently, though I'm not sure how
> good its pthreads support is...)

Let's go!

Again, great work!

	Bart Massey