[Xcb] Re: [Xlibs] Quick XCL, implemented

Christopher Blizzard blizzard@redhat.com
Mon, 03 Nov 2003 09:58:36 -0500

Jamey Sharp wrote:

>Mozilla is the only completely broken exception I've seen. Keith had
>suggested it might be using a custom threads library, which wouldn't
>work alongside XCB since XCB uses pthreads only. Everything else looks
>like it's running correctly, though I fairly frequently get "Xlib:
>sequence lost" messages. I'm hoping somebody will help me fix that.
Mozilla uses pthreads.  It also runs the entire UI on a single thread so 
we're not going to be writing to the X queue from more than one thread 
at a time.  I'm betting you're not seeing something thread-related.

There are some interesting things that Mozilla does do, though.  We do 
hunt around in the queue from time to time looking for certain events 
and removing them.  Also when we load plugins that use Xt we actually 
open a second connection to the X server for the Xt mainloop to use.  So 
it's possible that might be causing part of the problem.  Other than 
that we're a pretty standard X app.


Christopher Blizzard