[Xcb] XCL as configure-time option

Jamey Sharp jamey@minilop.net
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 04:47:35 -0800

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A better-tested version of XCL is now available as a configure-time
option to Xlib. Unlike the version that was on the XCL branch, this
removes no code from CVS; but when --with-xcb is given to configure, the
old code is simply not compiled. The new code is almost entirely
isolated in the xcl subdirectory.

Would people please test that Xlib still works right when *not*
compiling for XCL? I have been very careful, but I'm only human.

Note that this version of XCL requires the XCB version with the
pre_sendrequest tag. Versions newer than that have API changes that XCL
needs to track, but I wanted to commit the conditional compile patches
first. This means that you might not want to test XCL right now.

Last week Keith and I hashed out a mildly odd strategy for getting XCL
to behave correctly while maintaining binary compatibility with
applications and libraries that use Xlibint.h. This strategy involves
hooking LockDisplay and UnlockDisplay, so that they lock the
XCBConnection and transfer ownership of the connection buffers and such
to Xlib. This is particularly important for allowing mixed calls to XCL
and XCB in the same app. So this is the next thing I plan to work on.
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