[Xcb] Let's gain some popularity

Bart Massey bart@cs.pdx.edu
Wed, 01 Oct 2003 12:36:32 -0700

Good thoughts!

In message <1065029612.3f7b0fec72970@imp1-a.free.fr> you wrote:
> 1) There is another XCB existing. There XCB stands for X
> Cut Buffers. This might be a problem to people with low
> technical skills who wil try to get there hands on XCB
> through a package manager. Any idea ?

Heh.  I deliberately chose that acronym after a web search,
to be a short acronym that should not collide with anything
:-).  Then I found out about the X Cut Buffers stuff.
Fortunately, that project seems to be mostly dead, so I'm
just not worrying about it for now.  Sigh.

> 2) I think an INSTALL file in the xcb directory would
> definitly help. Most people getting their hands on the
> source will try ./configure, make, make install.  An
> INSTALL file giving the good procedure could be usefull.

You bet.  Jamey?  Jerome?

> 3) Just to be sure the good procedure is : 
> xmkmf -a 
> make 
> su root
> make install
> ldconfig

Sounds about right.

> 4) I have been trying to make hypnomoire and xcbtests
> run. All windows creations return "Bad Window" and then
> here we go for a list of "Bad Drawable" events.  I can't
> seem to get it to work, so if someone knows what is
> happening, or has an idea in what direction I should look
> I would be gratefull.

I'm not sure what authentication bits are in current CVS.
Try "xhosts +" on your display, and see if it works better.
Let us know if so, and I'll try to find some time (hah) to
finish the XDM-AUTHENTICATION-1 support.  Or someone else
could do it.  It's mostly done.