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Jamey Sharp jamey@cs.pdx.edu
Wed, 1 Oct 2003 13:29:46 -0700

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On 10/01 07:33PM, kha wrote:
> 1) There is another XCB existing. There XCB stands for X Cut Buffers.
> This might be a problem to people with low technical skills who wil
> try to get there hands on XCB through a package manager. Any idea ?=20

Well, in Debian, our XCB is called libxcb1 (and an associated -dev
package) while the other is just called xcb. But I'm not really
concerned: if someone wants to develop code using XCB, they should be
able to figure this out; and if they just want to use code that uses
XCB, the packaging system's dependencies should take care of it. If
they're not using Debian and they have trouble as a result, I have
little sympathy. ;-)

> 2) I think an INSTALL file in the xcb directory would definitly help.
> Most people getting their hands on the source will try ./configure,
> make, make install.  An INSTALL file giving the good procedure could
> be usefull.=20

Either that or switching to autoconf/automake like all the other X
projects are doing. Perhaps you'd like to do one of these things? I'm
inclined to give it a low priority though.

> 3) Just to be sure the good procedure is :=20
> xmkmf -a=20
> make=20
> su root
> make install
> ldconfig

Yeah, that looks right.

> 4) I have been trying to make hypnomoire and xcbtests run. All windows
> creations return "Bad Window" and then here we go for a list of "Bad
> Drawable" events.  I can't seem to get it to work, so if someone knows
> what is happening, or has an idea in what direction I should look I
> would be gratefull.=20

I can't duplicate this with latest XCB CVS sources. I don't know what's
going wrong for you; all the demo apps work for me.

You can try looking at the CreateWindow documentation to see what a
BadWindow error means, since I don't remember and am too lazy to look it
up myself.=20
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