[Xcb] Is there anyone out there ?

kha kha@free.fr
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 17:05:47 +0200

Hello to everyone that might read this message, 
I discovered project XCB following Rasterman's post and I havre been trying to
get into it since then. I started to heavily doccument myself and then I
subscribed to this mailing list. 

And then nothing (at all). 

So basically my first question is "Anyone here ?", are there people interressed
in getting rid of the xlib once and for all ? 
Then my next question is "if there is anyone, who is he?". Basically please
reply just statuing wether you are the project leader, a developper, just
someone eager to see if anything happens or somebody else. 
My third question is "where do we go from here ?". I had a little experience
with Xlib (bad needles to say) and I am trying to learn the do's and dont's of X
protocol. I will figure it out perfectly one day (I still have the heavy
doccumentation) but any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. 

So if the project is not dead, and if there is someone out there please answer.
This could give X the edge it needs to show its full efficiency.