[Xcb] Is there anyone out there ?

Bart Massey bart@cs.pdx.edu
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 10:34:26 -0700

Jamey Sharp and I are definitely here, and definitely moving
forward with XCB/XCL.  Jamey just sent a preparatory patch
to Cairo to get it to use XCB.

But so far, we haven't had much outside developer interest,
so the e-mail list has been silent.  Welcome to XCB/XCL, and
let us know how we can help you help us!

	Bart Massey

In message <1064847947.3f784a4b63406@imp1-a.free.fr> you wrote:
> Hello to everyone that might read this message, 
> I discovered project XCB following Rasterman's post and I havre been trying to
> get into it since then. I started to heavily doccument myself and then I
> subscribed to this mailing list. 
> And then nothing (at all). 
> So basically my first question is "Anyone here ?", are there people interressed
> in getting rid of the xlib once and for all ? 
> Then my next question is "if there is anyone, who is he?". Basically please
> reply just statuing wether you are the project leader, a developper, just
> someone eager to see if anything happens or somebody else. 
> My third question is "where do we go from here ?". I had a little experience
> with Xlib (bad needles to say) and I am trying to learn the do's and dont's of X
> protocol. I will figure it out perfectly one day (I still have the heavy
> doccumentation) but any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. 
> So if the project is not dead, and if there is someone out there please answer.
> This could give X the edge it needs to show its full efficiency. 
> Kha 
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