[Xcb] Is there anyone out there ?

kha kha@free.fr
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:30:50 +0200

Good to know you are still here, I have been following the mailing list and the
CVS for a while and was a little bit scared by the total lack of anything new. 

Ok first I would really like to know what you are aiming at with XCB. What are
your priorities, your main goals and objectives. 
Then here is what features I would really like to see in XCB, note these should
be considered as a "wish list" and not in something I want absolutely in XCB no
matter what. 

1) Cookies system going through SHM in a full assynchronious yet remanent form.
Allow me to explain : from what I understand right now cookies are sent with a
priority to the XCB manager (or whatever is the actual proper name), and then
the app waits for a return. What I would like is a system that opens a shared
memory zone between the ap and the manager. Basically there would be three parts
: [1] : priority R/W for the app, R for the manager, [2] : request (same rights
as [1]) [3] : Status/answer R for the app R/W for the manager. This system
should allow even more flexibility, giving possibility for the app to increase
or decrease the priority without actually sending a new cookie, and allowing it
to check the status of the request (not queued,iddle,processing, finished). What
do you think of it ? (If I am saying anything stupid, tell me too)

2) Seamless integration : This is something I would love to see, for example
OpenGL functions being accessible directly through XCB, or even functions that 
would adapt themselves wether a peculiar lib is supported or not (for instance
transparencies or video being hand over to pure hardware routines if it is

3) Local X proxy. Basically for screen distribution or software transparencies,
making XCB capable of keeping a certain amount of data inside itself in order to
speed-up some request. The only practical application I see would be to have a
"screen buffer" in PNG for instance that could be very usefull for remote
controll or screenshots. A more evolved idea would be that XCB keeps
hierarchised informations (walpaper + picture of each windows) and allows you to
show or send whatever object you choose. 

Ok that is about it for my desires (feel free to laugh at them if there are in
any way unrealistic). Now for how I can help you : 
Basically I know little of the X protocol (but I am learning fast a we speak),
but I do know quite a lot in terms of memory sharing, and low level API. I am
mainly a windows programmer (feel free to laugh again), and I program mainly in
C++. But C is not a problem as long as we stay under the dreaded level 5 pointer
    (p******). I got a lot of books too, I love them and I am always hungry for
more, so If you think there is a book I should (or must) read go ahead and tell
me, I will.   
This is pretty much everything, only missing the "why" part. basically I am
interressed in fast rendered eyes candies and a real API usable efficiently for
game dev. 


Quoting Bart Massey <bart@cs.pdx.edu>:

> Jamey Sharp and I are definitely here, and definitely moving
> forward with XCB/XCL.  Jamey just sent a preparatory patch
> to Cairo to get it to use XCB.
> But so far, we haven't had much outside developer interest,
> so the e-mail list has been silent.  Welcome to XCB/XCL, and
> let us know how we can help you help us!
> 	Bart Massey
> 	bart@cs.pdx.edu
> In message <1064847947.3f784a4b63406@imp1-a.free.fr> you wrote:
> > 
> > Hello to everyone that might read this message, 
> > I discovered project XCB following Rasterman's post and I havre been trying
> to
> > get into it since then. I started to heavily doccument myself and then I
> > subscribed to this mailing list. 
> > 
> > And then nothing (at all). 
> > 
> > So basically my first question is "Anyone here ?", are there people
> interressed
> > in getting rid of the xlib once and for all ? 
> > Then my next question is "if there is anyone, who is he?". Basically
> please
> > reply just statuing wether you are the project leader, a developper, just
> > someone eager to see if anything happens or somebody else. 
> > My third question is "where do we go from here ?". I had a little
> experience
> > with Xlib (bad needles to say) and I am trying to learn the do's and dont's
> of X
> > protocol. I will figure it out perfectly one day (I still have the heavy
> > doccumentation) but any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. 
> > 
> > So if the project is not dead, and if there is someone out there please
> answer.
> > This could give X the edge it needs to show its full efficiency. 
> > 
> > Kha 
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