[Xcb] No rule to make target `generics.xcb', needed by `xcl/proto.c'.

Josh Triplett josh.trip@verizon.net
Sun Jan 9 12:47:18 PST 2005

Tim Mathews wrote:
> While building XCB as per the instructions on the XCB page, I recieve
> the following error compiling X11:
> No rule to make target `generics.xcb', needed by `xcl/proto.c'.
> If I understand correctly, generics.xcb was a file of m4 macros and
> has been superceded by XML, right?  So is this an issue with the
> current X11 in CVS or am I just doing something wrong?  I figured this
> would be the better list to ask until someone tells me it's a problem
> with xlib/X11 and not XCB.

Sorry for the delay in answering.

The issue is that XCL uses some macros as well, which were not updated
for the switch to XML.  XCL is mostly dead code at the moment; if you
want an xlibs compatibility layer for XCB, you should use
freedesktop.org xlibs compiled with --with-xcb.

- Josh Triplett
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