[Xcb] randr for xcb

Josh Triplett josh@freedesktop.org
Sun Jan 23 00:06:14 PST 2005

Jeremy Kolb wrote:
> Here's RANDR.  It seems to work, though I haven't tested all of it by
> anymeans.  It should be pretty simple to port xrandr to xcb so that it
> could be tested more thoroughly.

Excellent work, thanks!  Two minor issues:

* For consistency and clarity, please s/num_of_size/sizes_len/ and
s/len_rate/rates_len/ in the GetScreenInfo reply.

* Lists don't seem to be included.  For example, the GetScreenInfo reply
should have a list of ScreenSize structures and a list of refresh rates.
for details.

With those two changes, this looks like it is ready to commit to the XCB

- Josh Triplett
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