[Xcb] randr for xcb

Jeremy Kolb jkolb@brandeis.edu
Sun Jan 23 20:25:20 PST 2005

Josh Triplett wrote:
> Jeremy Kolb wrote:
>>Here's RANDR.  It seems to work, though I haven't tested all of it by
>>anymeans.  It should be pretty simple to port xrandr to xcb so that it
>>could be tested more thoroughly.
> Excellent work, thanks!  Two minor issues:
> * For consistency and clarity, please s/num_of_size/sizes_len/ and
> s/len_rate/rates_len/ in the GetScreenInfo reply.
> * Lists don't seem to be included.  For example, the GetScreenInfo reply
> should have a list of ScreenSize structures and a list of refresh rates.
>  See
> http://cvs.freedesktop.org/xlibs/Randr/protocol?rev=
> for details.
> With those two changes, this looks like it is ready to commit to the XCB
> repository.
> - Josh Triplett

Sorry, we lost power in my area of campus (just us and our neighbors, no 
one else) all day and we finally got it back so I just sat down and made 
these changes.  I am however a bit confused about these lists.

This is the reply:

rotations: SETofROTATION
	root: WINDOW
	timestamp: TIMESTAMP
	config-timestamp: TIMESTAMP
	nSizes: CARD16
	rotation: ROTATION
	rate: CARD16
	refresh: LISTofREFRESH


		 widthInPixels, heightInPixels: CARD16
		  widthInMillimeters, heightInMillimeters: CARD16 }

		rates: LISTofCARD16

However this is the actual encoding:

1	1			Reply
	1	CARD8			set of Rotations
	2	CARD16			sequence number
	4	0			reply length
	4	WINDOW			root window
	4	TIMESTAMP		timestamp
	4	TIMESTAMP		config timestamp
	2	CARD16			number of SIZE following
	2	SIZEID			sizeID
	2	ROTATION		current rotation and reflection
	2	CARD16			rate (1.1)
	2	CARD16			length of rate info (number of CARD16s)
	2	CARD16			pad

	2	CARD16			width in pixels
	2	CARD16			height in pixels
	2	CARD16			width in millimeters
	2	CARD16			height in millimeters

	2	CARD16			number of rates (n)
	2n	CARD16			rates

So in the bottom one it seems like the REFRESH struct contains a number 
and then the rates, but the top one just has a list of them.  The 
encoding aalso seems to have the length of the rate info while above 
this isn't there.  So I'm not sure how to do this one.


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