[Xcb] Updated status?

Jeremy Kolb jkolb@brandeis.edu
Sun Jan 23 22:48:48 PST 2005

The webpage is woefully outdated and there isn't much traffic on this 
list, so I hope xcb isn't dying :(

How up to date is http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software_2fXCBToDo ? 
If there are other little things to do and xcb isn't dying then I would 
like to do help out with some other small stuff.

Also, how does it integrate into Xlib?  I was looking at the code and 
didn't quite understand how XCB and Xlib interface, nor how much of Xlib 
was using XCB.  I'm interested in this because I was talking to idr on 
#freedesktop about glx to make sure I understood everything correctly. 
He was interested in using XCB in mesa for libGL since it's probably 
impossible to test XCB's glx (I have yet to submit this) without a libGL 
that it can talk to.  I was wondering if it couldn't be implemented in a 
similar fashion to how xcb is used in xlib.  Anyways, just food for 
thought, probably way down the road.


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