[Xcb] Updated status?

Barton C Massey bart@cs.pdx.edu
Sun Jan 23 23:40:34 PST 2005

AFAIK XCB isn't dying: your help has been *greatly*
appreciated. Most of the developers are also busy people in
other projects and areas.  In particular, most of the
developers are from Portland State University and are
involved with the Portland State Aerospace Society
(http://psas.pdx.edu), and we are trying to get a rocket up
this weekend :-).  Hopefully once that fuss dies down things
can pick up a bit.

One piece of help we could really use from someone/everyone
is to port the XCB site over to the new MediaWiki Josh is in
the process of installing at http://xcb.freedesktop.org .
Once this is up (in a couple of days?), the content from the
old pre-breakin site needs to be ported, and should be
updated as it is moved.

Clearly the right path for OpenGL is to get Mesa to use XCB.
This should be easy, actually, but of course it's easy to
say that.  Anyone who wants to try it, that would be good:
I'm not any kind of 3D person.

Understanding the Xlib interface to XCB is probably not too
helpful: it is a fairly ugly example.  The short answer to
you question is that some Xlib/XCB calls go through XCB the
normal way, while others just skip the XCB top-half and call
directly down into the transport layer in the XCB
bottom-half.  If Mesa needs to do this ugly thing, it can,
but we're quite hopeful that it won't :-).


In message <41F49A50.5070001@brandeis.edu> you wrote:
> The webpage is woefully outdated and there isn't much traffic on this 
> list, so I hope xcb isn't dying :(
> How up to date is http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software_2fXCBToDo ? 
> If there are other little things to do and xcb isn't dying then I would 
> like to do help out with some other small stuff.
> Also, how does it integrate into Xlib?  I was looking at the code and 
> didn't quite understand how XCB and Xlib interface, nor how much of Xlib 
> was using XCB.  I'm interested in this because I was talking to idr on 
> #freedesktop about glx to make sure I understood everything correctly. 
> He was interested in using XCB in mesa for libGL since it's probably 
> impossible to test XCB's glx (I have yet to submit this) without a libGL 
> that it can talk to.  I was wondering if it couldn't be implemented in a 
> similar fashion to how xcb is used in xlib.  Anyways, just food for 
> thought, probably way down the road.
> Jeremy
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