[Xcb] XCB-based window management: more xcb-util libraries

Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Wed Mar 9 23:45:26 PST 2005

> I've just imported the code I wrote last summer for XCB-based window
> management. This adds libraries for atom caching, callback interfaces
> for events and property changes, an ICCCM binding, and a convenience
> library for writing window managers. All of the code is at an early
> prototype stage, though the atom cache bits are almost feature-complete
> as far as I'm concerned.
> The atom cache uses gperf to generate a perfect hash function for the
> pre-defined atoms, so that's now a build requirement for the xcb-util
> module. Sorry.
> So I hope everyone will enjoy making fun of my code ;-) and maybe
> appreciate some more examples of XCB usage. There's even a sort-of
> functional window manager in the wm directory. (It doesn't seem to
> handle focus correctly, presumably because I don't understand focus. And
> it only lets you move windows around, anyway, so it's not a very
> practical window manager.)

i've just downloaded your code. Helas, there is a missing file: atoms.c
is required by Makefile.am, and there's no atoms.c in the cvs.

Another question: am i wrong if i think that the m4 files should be
replaced by xml ones ?



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