[Xcb] Support for saving client's state

Bernard Blackham bernard at blackham.com.au
Sun Sep 11 00:25:50 PDT 2005


I was looking around at implementing support for keeping track of a
client's X state inside Xlib so that when the X server dies, Xlib
can, instead of crashing out, decide that it might hang around a
while to see if the server comes back and reconnect, or allow
reconnecting to a different server.

Someone then pointed me at xcb and mentioned that at least somebody
had the idea of implementing this for xcb. Has any work towards this
taken place, or would such a feature be a welcome addition? I'd be
happy to devote some time towards this (in the hope of being able to
CryoPID[1] X applications).

Gtk+ has support for migrating windows between displays, but you
can't yet close the original display (though that bug is targetted
for the 2.10 release). However, doing it at the Xlib/xcb layer would
allow it to be toolkit independent.

I'd appreciate anybody's thoughts on the issue.



[1] http://cryopid.berlios.de/

 Bernard Blackham <bernard at blackham dot com dot au>

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