[Xcb] xcb bugzilla

Trevor Woerner xcb506 at vtnet.ca
Fri Sep 16 04:49:42 PDT 2005

Last night Jamey had suggested that I make use of the fd.o bugzilla to 
enter "bugs" (i.e. issues) against the xcb product. I enjoy working 
with bugzilla, I think it's a great tool. Unfortunately nobody has 
entered any components of xcb so it is not possible to enter any bugs 
for this product.

Does somebody know who is the admin and maybe get them to add some 
components? Maybe we need to figure out what the components need to be? 
Maybe we could start with:

build (issues relating to the build system itself)
docs (anything pertaining to documentation)
unit tests (code going in and results coming out of "make check")
code (the Xcb library code, including the xml/xslt translations)


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