[Xcb] git rollback question

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Thu Apr 27 14:49:47 PDT 2006

Ian Osgood wrote:
> I made similar changes as Jamey to fix deprecations, resulting in
> conflicts that I can't figure out how to resolve. Is there a way to
> rollback a local commit so I can sync back up with the main XCB repository?

I find that rather than allowing automatic merges, I can just git-fetch
the new bits, "git-checkout -b newmaster origin" to make a new master
branch and switch to it, "git-cherry-pick -r a_commit_sha1" to
cherry-pick commits from the old master onto the new one (use "gitk
--all" to find the sha1sums you want), and then use "git-checkout master
&& git-reset --hard newmaster && git branch -d newmaster" to point
master to newmaster.  Then just push your changes and continue
development.  I've done this when I make the same commits locally that
appear on the server, but I've done other commits since then and don't
want to reset them away.

git-rebase may work here as well.

- Josh Triplett

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