[Xcb] XCB status: on new APIs, 0.9 release

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Thu Apr 27 23:57:18 PDT 2006

Hey folks! Vincent asked what the status of Plan 7 is, so I thought I'd
take a moment to give you all a status update.

XCB 1.0 will not provide all the APIs that we want to include in XCB.
For example, it probably won't have the complete Plan 7. (See below for
a more complete report on that.) The goal for 1.0 is that all APIs that
it does ship with won't change in the future. I intend to add additional
APIs after that release though.

Josh and I have been working hard the last couple of weeks to put
together a 0.9 preview release of XCB, complete with an official source
tarball. The purpose of this release is to give distributions a
head-start on packaging XCB and to provide a version that has all the
core API functionality for a wider audience to test. I'm hoping Josh
will get that tarball out this evening.

After a suitably wide release for testing, we intend to release XCB 1.0
with substantially the same contents as 0.9, plus any bugfixes we
discover in the meantime, minus the deprecated backwards-compatibility
interfaces that are still in there now.

The bug for tracking Plan 7 is #5961:
All the functionality needed for it has been implemented in XCB's core.
At the moment what we're missing is half the protocol-layer public API.
However the half that we have now is complete and stable. Implementing
the other half requires us first to decide what the code should look
like (there's an obvious and easily-implemented answer but it doubles
the size of the code) and then to write the correct XSLT.

Bug #5962 is another API addition that we're still planning:
This is intended for any request sent with large variable-length lists,
and was specifically inspired by libGL. We've made no progress on it but
it's still planned.

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